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Aranea Highwind
Aug 29 '17
^.^ Hope your doing well!
N O C T I S '
Aug 14 '17
Sorry, I've been away for a bit but I will get back to our roleplay I promise
Aug 7 '17
Thanks for accepting :)
Aug 6 '17
thank you for accepting :P
Aug 1 '17
Thanks for accepting :)
Jul 29 '17
OOC| thanks for accepting my add
Iris Amicitia
Jul 24 '17
The starter was great. :) I'll reply soon.
Jul 23 '17
I got into a fight with my sister and she injured me XD

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Prompto is a young man of average height and a slender build, whose visage gives off the impression of a youthful punk. He has blue eyes, light freckles and short, unruly blond hair, which he at a point insists "does not look like a chocobo butt." He wears two bands on his right arm, black gloves, a black shirt with a white pattern, and a sleeveless black vest with a dark red flannel shirt attached underneath. He wears dark pants with a faint leopard print. He wears black boots with red soles that are lined with white fur. Prompto's black open vest has various tags. The one below the collar reads: "It's a beautiful day now watch some bastard mess it up." (The original message was "watch some bastard fuck it up," but it was changed for the final game.) The middle one on the side resembles the Harley-Davidson Motor Company logo. The back of Prompto's waistcoat reads "DEADORALIVE." Like all party members, Prompto has skull motifs to his outfit. The buttons on his jacket have skulls, he has a belt buckle in the shape of a skull, and another skull on the tag on his trousers. As a child, Prompto was overweight and wore glasses and a two-tone tan T-shirt with a matching wristband. In his casual outfit, he wears a burgundy sleeveless shirt with a vest over it, and gray trousers that have the number 17 inside a circle (the same design he had a child) and text "Cauthess, DO NOT ENTER". It is the same trousers that the Hunters wear.

At 30 years old Prompto has grown a goatee, looks more muscular, and wears the Kingsglaive uniform. In "Episode Prompto", he wears winter gear. He wears a black knitted hat, and a black winter coat and trousers lined with white fur. He wears winter boots and gear to which attach the firearms he finds.

Prompto maintains a playful attitude. He is described as a skirt-chasing mood maker with a chip on his shoulder from a different social status compared to his other friends, and thus feels inferior but wishes to be useful. He makes pop culture references throughout the adventure, and at times breaks the fourth wall by inferring their quest is like that of in an RPG. Not having been raised among nobility like Noctis, Ignis and Gladiolus, Prompto feels out of place in formal situations.
Prompto's upbeat personality makes him easy to engage in conversations with and makes him the life of Noctis's group, but he has a short attention span. He is not a combat-hardened warrior, but has a knack for cheering people up and keeping things light-hearted. This stems from having had a sad and lonely childhood, and his outward mannerisms conceal a deep thinker. He never had friends before meeting Noctis. He tries to better himself to feel worthy of being acquainted with the crown prince, but lives his life with an imposter syndrome, always trying to please others, thinking if they discovered the truth everyone would abandon him.

Prompto claims to being both claustrophobic (fear of narrow spaces) and acrophobic (fear of heights). He hates bugs, frequently commenting on it whenever the party defeats bug-like enemies. He complains a lot, especially about nature, but his loyalty to his friends is absolute.

Prompto has an affinity toward animals, although he claims to not be into wildlife and to be "more of a pet guy". He is excited to visit the chocobo ranch at Duscae, and once helped Pryna, one of Lunafreya Nox Fleuret's dogs. Photography has been a lifelong hobby for him and he dreams of becoming a professional one day. Fitting of his preference for guns and cameras, Noctis notes Prompto is a technophile.Prompto's personality remained mostly unchanged during the ten years Noctis was away, even though physically, he matured, causing Noctis to note it Prompto does not feel any different.