Devil In The Mirror

Owen Thomas...

Sounds like a pretty normal name, right?

Too bad my life's not as simple...

I suffer from a autoimmune disease.

Treatments seem more like torture than a cure.

All attempts at healing me have only made things worse in one way or another.

I can no longer breathe the same air as everyone else.

Nor can I see like I used to...

I can't just be normal...

Perhaps the worst part of it all is being gawked at like some sort of caged animal...

An animal with a face only a mother could love...

My Comments

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Dec 5
Aw great thanks :D I see you only got one character heh, do you mind chosing from mine? :)
Devil In The Mirror
Dec 3
Dec 2
Awesome, you don't mind sometimes is a little delayed though, do you? :3
Nov 28
Helloo! Thanks for accepting the request ^^ hope you okay, and would you like to roleplay some time? :)
Talking Psychos
Nov 21
You're welcome :) Would you mind taking a look at my page and seeing if any characters jump out at you? And would you prefer a plot, or freestyle?
Nov 19
You are very welcome :) id love to :) choose one or more of my characters :)
Talking Psychos
Nov 16
Hey thanks for accepting :) Woukd you like to roleplay sometime?
Nov 15
Thanks for accepting :)


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