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"I don't quite feel like myself..'' - He is dark, cruel, creepy and uses fear to scare the public and innocent civilians. He is seen as a psychotic/demonic killer as he has killed several people but to strangers, it appears the damages to the victims were self harm.

"I've been waiting.." Darkiplier is suave and intelligent. He's a separate entity from Mark (youtuber), and admires his accomplishments.

"Did you miss me? I missed you. Very much.." Darkiplier is the main antagonist of the famous YouTuber's channel Markiplier. He is what fans call Markiplier when he is acting differently from his usual behavior, instead having a more dark, creepy, eerie personality. Whereas Mark is considered to be the "most caring YouTuber" due to his heartfelt appreciation to his viewers.

"I'VE BEEN WAITING PATIENTLY- HE PROMISED HE WOULD LET ME IN AGAIN."Darkiplier is puppeting a mask, trying to convince an innocent bystander that they can trust him, acting calm and seductive to allure them into believing him. Sometimes, his "shell cracks"- a result of his anger and hate breaking through.

"Good choice, but.. why do we have to choose in life?" Darkiplier is often depicted with light shining below him, creepily smiling towards the camera with his head turned sideways, and his eyes up. This is to emphasize the fear factor.

" I've been pushed aside. Replaced. Mocked." Dark has the ability to possess Mark when he wants to take action in the real world, but his favourite method of torture usually happens within the victim mentally. Dark could appear in certain places, for example a reflection of a mirror; in the victim's eyes they would see Dark standing right behind them.. But when they turn around, Dark isn't there. He speaks to the victim in their thoughts like a conscience, except he will be pushing bad thoughts into their head such as suicide, self harm or perhaps harm to someone else.


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Sep 5 '17
Its no problem :) would you like to roleplay? :)
Sep 4 '17
Hey missie being missing you in your Sasha account ;) lol hope you ok ^^
Emily Scarlett
Aug 30 '17
How are You today. Had a busy slight busy day , now tired as heck. - If I do fall asleep...please don't haunt my dreams. xD I love love Mark but dark scares me sometimes....not actually... love him really too.