Valerie Black
18 years old, still in high school but getting out here soon; that's how most people will see me, as a high school student. I wake up each morning, I eat a healthy meal, and I leave the house with a smile on my face each morning. But there is so much more to me that people don't know; I consider myself a hero, and I come out at night to defend the city. No, I'm not a super hero, I'm a hunter. Although my parents have taught me to only hunt those who do evil things. I never kill for sport, and besides, I'd be a bit of a hypocrite if I just killed for no reason, I myself have a bit of Vampyre in me. My father is a Vampyre, and my mother, well she is feared by many evil doers, her name is well known since she is the daughter of Gabriel Van Helsing. Star Van Helsing is my mom and her sister Luna Van Helsing is my aunt. I have another aunt, Raven De Lioncourt, her maiden name, Black. She is my dad's sister, my dad's name is Michael Black, and I have a twin brother, named after my dad. My brother was killed though by some other hunters. They killed for sport, not caring if you a Vampyre with morals. If you were any type of a creature, they would kill you. My mother Star, she put a stop to them and so now I am able to help her and my father carry on a legacy. I will forever be there when I'm needed, and yet I'm still learning a bit of the family business. My mom hasn't taught me everything yet.


After the death of my father, which by the way, he died protecting me, I felt defeated, destroyed. My Dad taught me so much, and I understand that I have my mom still, but there was so much more with my Dad. He gave me a name no one had ever heard of, one that monsters could learn to fear, not because I'm also the daughter of a Van Helsing, but a strong fighter, a skilled hunter. Without him to be there for me when I need advice, a laugh, a hug, someone help me with homework or protect me, my life will feel empty. I was heart broken when he died. His death was slow; it wasn't until I got to the hospital, My mom had given me the heart breaking news.

I had gone to my boyfriends place, I broke down there, and the added rain didn't help. It was like my emotions made the weather change. I had lost my father, and he was never coming back, not this time. I even asked my Aunt Raven if she could go to the depths of the other world to bring him back, but she said that his wishes were to stay dead. I couldn't imagine why my father wouldn't want to come back, to see me graduate, go to prom, my wedding, and maybe have children of my own. I'll probably understand someday, but right now....I miss him, and I'm going to miss him forever.

I still feel empty to this day, but I will learn to keep fighting; it's what my mom, and my Dad have both taught me. Having Daniel around though as a mentor has been helping me get through the days. I'm glad my mom let's him come over...a lot. Hmm?? But I am afraid, that if I let Daniel become less of a mentor, and more like a father figure...I'm afraid I'd be replacing my dad.

For now, I'll keep on fighting the good fight. I will do all I can to protect the world from evil.

The People that I love. My Family. Hurt them, and you'll have to answer to me.

My mother and father [RIP Dad]

My Twin [RIP Michael]

My Aunt Raven

------- Star Van Helsing is my name, daughter to Gabriel Van Helsing and Anna Valerious. I have an older sibling, Luna Van Helsing, sadly our parents have let us fly from the coop and we haven't seen them in a while. Of course we still stay in touch, we're family. And yes, I knew everything my parents taught me, fighting off evil, learning how to use weapons properly, how to banish evil properly. I only became more skilled the more I practiced, but I also wanted a normal life; so left that world behind for a bit there. I took off on the road.

Eventually, I came back to help my father and sister slay a nasty demon and so that meant bringing out the guns

Sometime down the road, Luna became best friends with this crazy chick by the name of Raven, who then became my best friend too. Also....I found out she had a cute older brother, who then became by boyfriend, then husband, and then the father of my two children....Valerie and Michael Black, twins. Sadly, Michael was killed, and we were all devastated, he was going to carry on the namesake Michael Black since he was named after his father. And years have passed and my daughter is now 17, she's skilled and I'm proud of her. We also lost another member of the family, my husband himself. Michael will be missed, and I'm not sure if I'll ever love anyone else like I loved him. Make that 'Love.' I will always have room for him in my heart, no matter what comes my way.

I am now more protective, more angrier, and I will do everything in my power to make sure my daughter will live for a long time.

Raven's Story

The Beginning Raven Black, is the youngest child to David and Lucida Black and the only sister to Michael and Marcus Black. She her life growing up was as simple as it could be. Her life was simple as a child, happy, learning to walk and talk, learning right from wrong and having parents and two older brothers who loved her so much. At the age of 5, Raven was told that she had a special gift; the ability to do move objects with her mind, create jolts of electricity from the palm of her hands, and she could enter other realms. This was all because her mother is a vampire, and her father, a demon of the underworld. But both were hunters of the night, protecting the innocent lives of humans. Her parents believed people had the right to choose from right or wrong, and death wasn’t an option for them; unless it was ordered by law. Her brother Michael and Marcus left home, leaving Raven behind with her family. But the happy family would soon have to endure tragic events. They were sent a threat from more demons from the underworld; apparently not liking the idea of David being a good guy. Lucida hid Raven because she didn’t have enough time to get out, and she stayed to help her husband fight, but he was killed, and the demons didn’t know Raven was watching the whole thing. Lucida fled, letting the demons go after her, and getting them away from her daughter. Raven cried out for her mom, and came out from her hiding place. She clung to her father’s dead body and sobbed. The next day, her two brothers came for her and took her in, raising her to be a hunter as well. They all needed to learn how to fight and defend themselves. Raven is still not even sure if her mother is alive. ---- I Stole his Kill. Raven grew up to be a beautiful, deadly, skilled hunter. She would always patrol at night, killing bloodsuckers and demons and other creatures of the night. And just like every other hunter, she kept a journal of ever kill, and how it was done so she would have knowledge of every characteristic on all evil creatures. One night, Raven was stalking a deadly being, she stalked it slowly and followed it into the alley way. She tackled it down before it could even make another kill, and she slit its throat with a dagger she had; made of pure silver. There she met a man, Justin Hark. The two clashed at first, acting like smartasses, but eventually, their solo hunts became an act of helping each other out. The two began a friendship, which would then turn into love. ---- Justin Hark Life with Justin couldn’t have been any better; how could it go wrong? They were living together, hunting together, and they were going to have a child together. He met her brothers, and she met his friends, the Cross brothers. But one of them was so psychotic. First her brother Marcus was killed, then on a night out honoring his memory with her brother Michael, a man by the name of Richard Cross came after them both. Michael and Raven fought him off, but Michael more than she. He protected his sister, and he died for her that night. She swore vengeance on Richard, and she was furious with Justin for bringing his friends into her life. She left him that week, and never saw him again. ---- Club Fang Raven had moved on within the years, staying single and raising her daughter Chloe on her own. She used her special gift to bring back her brother Michael, but something didn’t go right because his soul didn’t attach to his body, so she figured it didn’t work. She had met a friend, his name, Mitch. She helped him run his club for a while, and then she eventually got a starting title and enough money to build her own club. Her club was special though; she had made a deal with the hospital to keep victims of the supernatural out of the hospital if they supplied blood bags that she could store in her club. Once her club was open, she held many events there, and it was a place for the supernatural creatures to go, drink blood without harming humans, and drink alcohol, and dance without the fear of being hunted down. The hunting life had died down, and her life was about to change.-----Lestat De Lioncourt Raven booked a band, and the lead singer, Lestat De Lioncourt, the vampire brat. After his performance, the two of them had talked at the end of his show. And then that one night turned into days, weeks, months, and soon they were an item. Raven soon married him, but to bond their love meant she had to be a vampire. He turned her into a blood lusting creature of the night. She still had her powers though, probably because she wasn’t meant to lose them. The two were inseparable, and eventually they had a son together. Dylan De Lioncourt. Life was all good again. ------ Antigen A company called Antigen had risen, and the owner was none other than Gabriel Van Helsing himself. Star had been occupied with her own life. She found out that this man she had been seeing, Pheren Black, was actually her once pronounced dead brother. The two shared twins, Michael and Valerie. Raven’s daughter Chloe had twins as well, Blair and Dean Starter. Their father died in battle, and soon a war was being brought down upon them. Antigen was capturing werewolves, vampires, and other creatures testing on them, finding their weakness and going out killing them. Everyone’s once peaceful life was shattered by this company. Raven’s nephew, Michael was killed. Both her grandchildren, Blair and Dean, butchered. Even her own son Dylan was murdered, saving his mother’s life; Raven’s. Pheren and Star set a plan to take Antigen down, Chloe was to help, but she went into the building too soon to save the lives of others, and her own life was taken. Star finally killed her father, and the company died with him. Every now and then, a hunter will try to kill them, it didn’t matter if Raven used to be a protector because all they saw was a monster. Pheren was later killed by a hunter because he was a vampire again in that body, and Raven refused to let her brother die once more. She brought him to life, but in a different body. This time, he was human. ------ Aftermath After the death of nearly her entire family, Raven tried to get her and Lestat back on track. But he buried himself in his music, and even though years passed, she took that as a sign that he was never going to look at her again. She was no longer a mother, no longer a wife. Even though she had Star, her brother Michael, and her niece Valerie, it just wasn’t enough.------- Current As of now, Raven has lost control, shut off her feelings and has gone on a killing spree. She’s been feeding off the innocent, becoming the monster she was turned into. But an old flame has returned to her, and is helping her heal. Justin Hark and Raven Black will be reunited again. Their paths were meant to cross, and their love never did die.

As of now, I'm learning to control my hunger again, Justin and I are growing close, and I'm trying my best to be involved with my family. My niece, and my sister-in-law Star. After my brother's death, I swore to him I'd stay away from the depths of the underworld and I'd let him rest. I feel this is going to make us stronger, and fight for each other more.

-------------Samantha Howlett
I was born into a world, I never thought could exist.My mother, Kayla Silverfox was pregnant with me, and my twin brother Jake. she gained my father's healing powers; so when she was shot in the head, she healed quickly. What she failed to tell everyone else, was that she lived, and was being hunted by Agent Stryker. He wanted Samantha and Jake, to experiment on them, and make them both a weapon to defeat and kill James Howlett, their father. Thus Kayla's reason for giving up Samantha, and splitting her up from her twin Jake. As a baby, Samantha was placed in a foster home, and sure the family was great at first. But when her powers kicked in, she was then tormented. But once she was 15, she split, finding out about her father and her true identity. But along the road, she was adopted by a woman, Star Van Helsing. There, Star took in other abandoned kids. There was Mark Danvers, son to Caleb and Sarah Danvers. Mark and Samantha became close, and she looked up to him as a brother. But, he found out that Samantha had a family member close to her age. Her brother Jake Howlett. Now he, happened to be her twin. Something they both never knew about and when they confronted their father, once they discovered him again, he explained they were given up and separated for safety purposes. They were separated because a man named Stryker was after Samantha and Jake, because they both happened to be the one weakness against James, aka Logan, aka Wolverine. Now Star had another child, her own biological child. Scout Drake. Daughter to Jacob Drake who was the son of Bobby Drake. But bobby left Star, and then Samantha met a man named Frost Street. They were together for what seemed like years.But Frost had a dark secret. He had a demon inside him, Chase, and that demon got out and nearly killed Samantha. The two were separated, and it it took its toll on Sam.

But years went by. Samantha and Jake left their home with Star and moved to New York; finding out they had an Aunt. Quinn James, and their Uncle Clay. They lived with them, and things were looking up for the two Howlett's. But Stryker found them both, and killed her aunt Quinn and Uncle Clay; But home life is hard now. Jake was killed, by one of Magneto's men, John Allerdyce. They found a way to kill the Howlett clan. They copied the adamantium into a bullet form, and shot James, so Sam believes that he's dead, but she isn't sure. As for her brother, she watched Jake get shot, and he died in her arms. Her twin, her brother, the only person who had always been there. Things weren't the same, but Sam is at her home alone. She's got her friend Damon Allerdyce looking out for her. He is now her guardian, and her only friend. They both work at Xavier's School for the Gifted. She helps out with some of the kids there, but at night, she cries in her sleep when she stays there, and this only brought her and Damon closer, because eventually they moved in together. And now, they're in love.

Sam's family info/Updates

Damon Allerdyce; You're my best friend, and there's a connection between us that I can't describe. I don't know what I'd do without you. ---That's the past...Update: After going back in time with my father to stop Raven from killing us all in the future, to stop the Sentinels, my new future changed. Damon was not there, and the heartache was killing me. This was something I couldn't heal from, my powers couldn't save. So I had Charles erase my memories of him.

My Parents. Kayla Silverfox, and James Howlett aka Logan/Wolverine.

Me and my twin brother Jake Howlett[He died in a past I remember, but after the changing the course of history, I came back to find him alive and well.]
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