Sasha is described as stubborn, she refuses to let anyone close to her and wants to be portrayed as a wall. She doesn't want to let anyone close to her emotions, she doesn't want any person to see who she truly is and what she's like. Deep down, Sasha is still like a little girl. She loves her music, though she doesn't sing and play guitar anymore. Sasha goes into dream land once she's in a good mood and sees beauty in the smallest of things.

When she's angry, she is unable to stop or calm down her vampire side. Her eyes darken, marks appear around her eyes and her eyes become dark, purely black. Sasha is usually angry at herself, she feels like she could do better and wants to improve her trust and improve in herself. Though she never shows anyone who she really is, she comes across as a hard-headed female who seems angry at the world.

Sasha looks at the world like it's a piece of trash, she makes sarcastic remarks, and chooses to fight it. She has gone through so much misery in her life, she doesn't see the light in the world anymore, only darkness. From her past experience, everything and everyone who was good to her being taken away.. She doesn't see the world like how it used to be, she used to be happy and bubbly, as if the world couldn't bring her down. But once the people she knew and loved was slowly being brought down.. She sees the world with so much hatred in her eyes.


Sasha can't remember her life from a certain age, she was adopted. All she could remember at the very earliest was living on the streets and having purely nothing. Who knew she should've stayed like, rather to die on the streets than her life carrying out to the woman she was today? Whilst living on the streets, she was human. Sasha was born a human, and doesn't remember what was the cause for her to live as a homeless teen back in the day. A man came up to her, offering life and a family. How could she refuse that deal? Soon she knew that same man as Tim, he was the very first person who showed her love and warmth, and family. He had adopted quite a few children, though she never really was close to the lot, she usually kept to herself. Sasha used to be a shy girl, though bubbly once people knew her.

After a few years, Tim trained her to fight and said that the world was ugly and dangerous on it's part -and she had to learn how to fight. She became skilled, though didn't believe how supernatural the world really was, she had to train to be ready. He mentioned that he had an enemy, the womans name was Hileah. At this time, she never knew the woman. Very soon, Sasha came across this woman and for some reason, she felt hatred in her heart towards this woman. She never knew why, but fought herself against this woman, knowing she was pure evil and carried darkness with her. Soon, Sasha attended school and came across a girl called Juliet. She remembered Juliet arriving in a fancy car, she knew Juliet's father from commercials.. He was the richest man in the country, Tony. Thats all she knew of him, but soon Sasha ended up in detention after something so small and her seat was selected next to Juliet, coincidentally thats how they became friends.

Years go by, questions travelled her mind, she got into a heated argument with Tim which caused her to walk out on him. Feeling so much anger, she goes to her best friend, Juliet for advice and she takes her in. Her rich father adopted Sasha. Tim treated her as the daughter to protect herself from the world, whereas Tony treat Sasha like the daughter she should've experienced a long time ago.. She felt like everything was perfect, though still hadn't explained to Juliet what went on between herself and Hileah. Soon, feeling absolute paradise, Sasha fell in love with a guy called Alistair, he was a vampire, her first true love. She was in love with the idea of love, she saw everything within this male.. To the point he tricked her into turning her into a vampire. Thats when her life changed forever, she was changed into such a monster. Soon, her life changed as Tony fell in love himself with a woman so obnoxious, she forced Tony to abandon Juliet and Sasha due to the fact she wanted to be the only female in the house. Unknown who to turn to, Tim held his arms open for the two girls, ever since that moment, Sasha had not looked back and refused all contact with Tony.

Not knowing what else could go worse, she fights in blood with Hileah, this woman knew what Sasha was.. And it turns out Hileah was also a vampire. Fighting to death, she came across one thing.. Sasha had a scar, a special kind of scar upon her collar bone which was all too familiar to Hileah.. Soon, the pair came to realisation after memories hit the pair, they were mother and daughter. Sasha went back into the arms of Hileah, completely ignoring the fact that Hileah was trying to kill Sasha.. All she wanted was her own mother, her proper family. Hileah adopted Juliet also and held her arms open for the girls, willing to change and be the mother Sasha craved.

Not long after, Hileah fell pregnant after a one night stand. She gave birth to Leah Taheri, a half vampire and half human girl. Her father, a random guy, this little girl was a mistake, but never spoke such things to her. Sasha sheltered her from the world, though things turned on herself as her partner Alistair betrayed her trust and was found with Juliet, who turned her also. Feeling anger and hatred, she wanted to kill the pair, but did no such thing. Hileah didn't keep to her promise either and lashed out at Sasha as the daughter who should've died as that homeless girl on the streets. Leaving home, she became a university student, studying policing as she's a waitress at a sleazy pub, earning money. One thing she's doing is earning up enough money to go back home, collect Leah and live out their life together. She knew she didn't have enough money previously, therefor she's currently living out by herself, earning money in such a cruel world and holding darkness in her eyes.

ℓιкє мσтнєя ℓιкє ∂αυgнтєя

Retired Ex JEDI Master/Major Tim O'Rourke SGO
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