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"Elegance is not being noticed it's about being remembered"
Lanata D'Lambreigh

NAME: Lanata D'Lambreigh
Affiliation: D'Lambreigh
AGE: Seven Hundred And Fifty
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
ABILITIES: Lanata D'Lambreigh, countess of the D'Lambreigh house is an elder amongst her people. As an elder kindred she is granted access to many forms of power:
► Bloodhunt; the ability to sense a victim by following the scent of their blood.
► Minor magical use; The ability to cast a small range of spells for self preservation or dire need
► High healing factor; able to heal grievous wounds over a quicker time period. A broken bone takes hours, instead of days.
► Enhanced Senses; All primary senses are hightened to superior superhuman levels.
► Enhanced Strength
► Enhanced Agility
► Enhanced Dexterity
► Enhanced Stamnina
► Eternal youth; Lanata does not age, permenantly held in a youthful stage, her body is able to handle more than other kindred.

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Nov 28
It's okay, I hope you are doing well.
Sweet Silence Owner
Aug 15
Note to self - Eretria
Sweet Silence Owner
Aug 3