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Hello Everyone. I'm doing Part time at Sweets From Heaven so ill mostly likely be lacking on replies. I will be ON and OFF at random times of the Day/Night.

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Like everyone you never choose to be alive, each and everyone of you are forced into the world, in pain, crying and needing someone to care for you for many years until you are able to go off on your own and repeat the process.--------------------------------------------------------------------- Emily herself had been forced into the world without choice, and right from the moment she took her first breath of air, she lost the very person who could have cared for her, loved her and made sure she made the right choices in her life, her mother had died giving birth to her due to complications, and her father had never even shown his face. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Emily’s mother had been a no body, she had died a no body, human in all senses of the word, a normal woman, who grew up just like Emily would, fighting her way through school and college and real world problems like bullies, and what dress she was going to wear to prom.. She had however been happy to become a mother, no matter how short lived it was. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Emily’s father on the other hand far from human, Lucifer, once god’s favorite archangel, and the father of a beautiful little girl, she would never know that of course, but she was special from the very beginning. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lucifer did of course care for her mother, and hearing of her death came hard, the fact that his daughter survived birth and was now alone only made the emotions stronger, he took Emily from the hospital, making sure that she was okay, which just from looking at her he knew straight away that she was going to be a fighter, she was already a survivor so that was clear.. And he would never ever forget her eyes, they were just like her mother's. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lucifer looked after Emily for a week and a half, making sure that the family he chose for her could be trusted to look after her, and teach her of her powers when they manifested, which Lucifer knew they would about the same age a human goes through changes, of course, thirteen years from now was a very long time, but he needed to make sure he planned ahead for Emily’s sake, and he did just that, the family themselves were angels who had fallen and lost their graces, their memories remained intact with the help of Lucifer and he couldn’t trust a better couple, they too had a daughter of their own a couple of years older than Emily, it would be the perfect place for Emily to grow up. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lucifer left her with a kiss to the forehead, promising her he would watch over her… And that was where Emily’s life lifted off, until she was four years old that was, whilst the family slept what was believed to be a hunter broke into the house with knowledge of the family, the hunter had prepared for months, just in case… but it was too easy, the hunter killed Emily’s new family, even tried to kill Emily, but that kiss, the very kiss Lucifer had left also left a protection over her, which when the hunter tried to harm her backfired on him and he died instead of Emily. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The police took over, and Emily was thrown into the care system, fostered almost immediately by an older couple who after Emily’s past, made sure the rest of her life was going to be perfect, and it was just that, she was in school, making friends and just being a normal little girl. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Emily’s eighth birthday she ventured out to the forest at the far end of her foster parents farm, she had always been told to stay where she could be seen, but today, today she felt brave, she wanted to explore, and she wanted to go deeper than before without her father, she would run in mark the furthest tree away with the blade she stole from the kitchen and then make her way back, no one would know but her… And so, she did just that, followed the depths of the forest, carved her best E into the tree and made her way back home.. To what was left of it anyway, the front door was left wide open, blood covered almost every single wall, every single piece of furniture, was she in some kind of nightmare? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Walking into the kitchen that’s where she saw it… a man? And her mother, her mother was laying in a pool of blood, the man leaning over her, distracted by something, and that something was her mother's neck.. Emily had dropped the knife and ran, not before seeing her father dead and in a pool of his own blood behind the couch, she screamed and ran out the open door, the creature followed her out, about to take her out too, until the lucky moment Rick Grimes turned up, shooting the walker straight through the head, his first word to her was run, his son Carl was at her side in moments helping her up, and making sure that she ran, he took her by the hand and pulled her with him and his father away and back to the car… they were only here for supplies, but they walked away with Emily. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Emily became a part of the group, Lori and Rick adopted her like their own, Emily became close friends with Carl and Sophia, she didn’t believe it would last, she had lost too much, and if she ever considered getting settled she would lose them too, so her main train of thought was to take it as it came and never get attached. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- People were lost, the group moved places, trying to find somewhere safer, Emily stuck with them, Carl taught her how to use a gun, and she was by his side when he had to put a bullet through his mother's head.. Time is a healer, and Emily felt like she was cursed, everyone around her was one by one dying, and there was nothing that could be done… ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Emily promised she wouldn’t get attached, but that she did, she looked after Mollie-May, and she found herself liking Carl more than just a friend, more than just the boy who had helped save her, she had developed feelings, and Carl had too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The only other thing was now she was getting older, she was also developing something else, something she didn’t quite understand, something she wasn’t sure of… she was nephilim by birth even without knowing it, her powers were manifesting in a dangerous world, and without even knowing it, she herself could potentially become one of the dangers

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Allan Adron
Dec 14
Hey you hows it going? What are you hoping to get nice this year? :)
Emily Scarlett
Dec 1
Should be able to reply some point this week
Retired Ex JEDI Master/Major Tim O'Rourke SGO
Nov 27
and Still Filled with FEAR....NOT for ME but for You I Made No Movement....No Saying anything,Or Trying to Get Free,But Just Waited to See What would Happen Next......Hoping the Emily I KNOW is Still in There.......And to Maybe TRY to FIGHT Back for CONTROL of YOUR Bodyand Still Filled with FEAR....NOT for ME but for You I Made No Movement....No Saying anything,Or Trying to Get Free,But Just Waited to See What would Happen Next......Hoping the Emily I KNOW is Still ...See more
Emily Scarlett
Nov 27
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Emily Scarlett
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