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Dancario Dec 4 '17
I want to do a Pokemon related roleplay since i haven't seen a roleplay on one yet, so i decided to make one, though i need help with it. I'll take any ideas that sounds ok to me (about character ships, main story, side story etc.). Contact me or put in the forum the idea(s). Thanks for joining (if you so wish to), and remember to Catch 'Em all!
Jessie Dec 28 '17
Yeah One sounds great...But if possible I could maybe be a pokemon maybe a high lv one that you got out of shear luck in the wild and it takes a while but they soon become friends and something happens after that 
Dancario Dec 28 '17

Yeah, that's sounds like a good idea to do. We could also have it so the high lv pokemon can talk to the trainer telepathically


Jessie Dec 29 '17
Good The pokemon I was planing can very well do that if he wants
Dancario Dec 29 '17
So if we are doing this, sort of Pokemon sort we use for this? Peusdo-Legendary, mythical legendary or a non-legendary Pokemon?
Jessie Jan 1
To be honest I can do both pokemon and trainer...maybe another trainer and please from now on please msg me or send me this is mail so I can get a notification on this so I don't forget