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Would love to see if anyone is interested in these characters, preferably people who can role-play with 4+ paragraphs at least. 

Juliet Simmons

Image:  Dianna Agron

Species: Vampire

Personality:  Manipulative and snarky when she doesn't get her own way. Juliet can be sweet, considerate and protective at times but due to her bad reputation for having numerous partners in the past, lying to get what she wants and causing a lot of fights; she's known to be a queen bitch. 

Info: In school, she was queen bee and Juliet was captain of the cheerleading team, dating almost every guy off the football team. She was in quite a few fights in school when she didn't get her own way, ditched occasionally and everyone feared her. When Sasha moved to her school, she befriended her, but soon felt threatened when she realised Sasha didn't fear her. Sasha joined the cheerleading team and was adored. Juliet pictured that Sasha was using Juliet to get to the top and soon despised her. Though, she faked the love to get close to Sasha, only to pull her down. Juliet's having trouble at home, her father is seeing a cruel woman and soon his girlfriend kicks Juliet out the house. Unexpectedly, Sasha took her in and became sisters. Despite all this, Juliet sees the negativity in Sasha. Juliet plans to sleep with Sasha's partner, and when she does, something changes.. She's not herself. Turns out, Sasha's partner was a vampire her and he turned Juliet when she was at her most vulnerable moment, intoxicated. She discovers Sasha's so called 'lover' is using Sasha to build an army of vampires, therefore changed Juliet when he discovered she was 'interested' in him. After Sasha is informed, she is heartbroken and disappears as soon as she has graduated from school. 

Couple years pass, Juliet still remains with the family that had taken her in, except Sasha is still missing. Juliet still despises her, though she's happy with the home she's in. Her adopted mother sleeps with random guys, whom is a vampire also and gave birth to a younger girl called Leah. She is half human and half vampire. Leah was born a few years before Sasha disappeared. Juliet treats Leah with kindness and love, although Leah despises Juliet for the person she is.  


Leah Taheri

Image: Zendaya

Species: Half human, half vampire

Personality: Leah is a very bubbly girl with a lot of sass. She gives a lot of sassy comments, gets angry with rude people but always stands her ground with positivity. She despises her adopted sister due to the fact of their reputation. And despite the fact her older, biological sister walked out on her when she was a baby, she always protects her sister with words, standing up for her. Though she does wish she could find her again.

Info: Her mother had a late night stand with a stranger, who happened to be a vampire. At the time, her mother was human. When Leah was born, the male turned her mother, before disappearing. Leah was announced as half human, half vampire.. And a mistake. 

Ever since Leah was born, she always looked up to Sasha and was a fan of music as well as her sister. Leah always spoke the truth, she says things how they are and she wasn't afraid to speak her mind. She loves dancing and singing, she takes after her singing. As soon as Sasha said Juliet was coming into the family, she knew things would turn around. She knew about Juliet, she knew how bitchy and ruthless the blonde could be. Leah never associated herself with Juliet, but as soon as Sasha disappeared without a goodbye, she was confused. Leah always wanted to find her biological sister, she wanted her back in her life and wanted to ask why she left. Leah loves fashion and makeup, though her real passion is performing arts. Leah isn't fully educated about being half vampire, she knows about it, but since her sister left, her adopted sister is a bitch and her mother is a whore.. Leah has learnt to defend for herself.


Jake Smitts


Image: Grant Gustin

Species: Vampire

Personality:  Jake is very manipulative, sneaky, snarky with comments and loves messing with people's emotions. 

Info: His brother was murdered when they were younger by a ruthless gang of vampires, his mother was murdered and he doesn't know the location of his father, and ever since, Jake has been recruiting vampires for an army. He faked his romance with Sasha, thinking she would help him find people because of her kind nature and a lot of people respected her at the time. Jake is keen to find Sasha because he sees potential in her, he sees power which will help him in his revenge.