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Dangerous Liaisons
Dangerous Liaisons Oct 24 '17
Hello all.

I have a few character requests which will eventually all be added, so watch this space;

Unnamed Male - He is a werewolf. Around 30ish, with quite a troubled past. He wasn't always a werewolf, but had the gene from birth. He also can see and speak to the recently deceased. He is quite cynical and selfish, but can be loyal and totally passionate.

He was married previously, to a sweet woman but he was a successful businessmen and an alcoholic. Drink driving one night, he was arguing with his wife at the time, swerving and crashing; ultimately killing her. Now, although he didn't directly kill his wife, fate has a twisted sense of humour in deeming this worthy enough as his 'first kill'. It triggered his werewolf gene and, considering he was now the talk of his small little town, he took off. 

This is where he meets my character; Torey.

He is captured by Vampires and forced into a cage with her, scratching her but not killing her. She then becomes his responsibility, but they are still pretty much under capture.

This is as far as I get, I would like them to have a child, but that's for a storyline... which we can discuss. 

Please let me know if you're interested.