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“Anyone who attempts to construe a personal view of god which conflicts with church dogma must be burned without pity”
- Pope Innocent III

                † To humanity life was a fleeting and purposeless existence until their free will formulated a reason to exist for them. For some it was the carnal desires of the flesh, for others it was greed and money, to a select few it was to believe that there was something or someone bigger than themselves and to devote themselves to its caused. Religion as they called it spread rampart through humanity giving them a reason to live when life was so quick and fleeting and born from Religion came scholars those who deemed themselves worthy enough to learn the worlds secrets. To educate themselves beyond normal men and women and change the worlds view. Such scholars found out years ago that the beings that filled children’s nightmares and old wife’s tales were real.


                † During the birth and spread of Catholic religion angels and demons were born into existence or rather shown to exist posing a real threat to the catholic church and humanity themselves and as such an initiative was enacted giving birth to the Iscariot section thirteen. The Iscariot initiative’s directive was to keep balance and peace between supernatural entities and humanity protecting a fragile race from the darkest of horrors and the supernatural beings from being executed due to delirious fear. Often however peace is met with force and the Iscariot are sent to sterilise crime scenes of supernatural death with a final directive to hunt the beasts who committed such atrocious acts of slaughter and bring them to justice. Balancing humanities fragile mind isn’t the only matters that the Iscariot deal with they too deal with dispute between paranormal and supernatural entities. Over centuries wars have been waged hidden away from humanity’s gaze with the Iscariot entering the fray to end the wars and bring peace once more to all beings created under god’s watchful eye and any who oppose such a notion would find themselves damned for their sins for all eternity in the darkest pits of hell.


                † Alexei was the head of the modern iteration of the Iscariot. Nonchalant and gentle he was far from the merciless killer that is whispered in hush tones in dark alleyways at night. With platinum silver hair and crimson hues it was possible to pass him as an albino but in actuality he is far more than that. He is melded with the soul of gods purest of children; an angel. With pale white skin and a visage of superhuman beauty he is able to easily fit within any social circle making him the perfect hunter for the Iscariot. Dressed in priests garb he played idly with the silver cross he wore around his neck idly as thoughts were cast through his mind in boredom. Isolation had brought him peace but boredom was a side effect he wished not to partake in. He wondered for his next mission and where it would take him. He loved travel regardless of where and why as long as he got to explore the city and its people during his missions. A soft sigh escaped his lips as he contemplated his last mission taking him to Singapore to meet with the elder mistress of wishes.


                † Singapore was beautiful, humid but beautiful thankfully his angelic purities ascended his once human form to superhuman because Russians were not meant for humidity and heat. A delicate smile twisted his visage just a little to give his entire posture a serene look but it quickly faded away as a soft repeated thud upon his black stained oak door permeates through his quarters. Sitting up slowly he spoke in a voice that was far too melodic for a Russian male. “Come in…” He left the words to hang in the air as an archbishop moves into his room. Shifting to his feet he bowed his head a little and spoke calmly with a tinge of confusion. “Father Michael, pleasure to see you but may I ask why you are here?” It couldn’t be a case because all his orders came from Father Archibald or could it be of a matter not like his others. Falling silent he awaited Father Michael’s reply which came in rumbling British accents. “Y-Yes young one, I am here on official business the pope has belief that someone of your…calibre…” “You mean supernatural” came Alexei’s interjection before he fell silent. “Yes, Supernatural beings has apparently upset one of the great houses. The Pope would like you to find out why and put an end to this matter at once.” Father Michael fell silent as Alexei rose to his feet, it was clear the Archbishop had not spent much time with the Angel and with a gentle grip he took the Archbishops hand in his own pressed lips to worn knuckle as is customary. “As the pope wishes.” Alexei responded before moving to gather his things. “Where am I being sent?” He turned to ask as he needed to make sure he packed appropriately. “Ah, last known coordinates were Chicago, that is where you will start.” Replied Father Michael.  Nodding his head in understanding the platinum silvered being began to pack including a small armoury of weapons and body armour in case it is needed. “I’ll leave in thirty minutes, please have the airplane ready.


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The phoenix race, once a proud and substantial race along with a place of richness, art and history, was no more now that a barren wasteland of sand and bones. A human created disease had taken many victims, and those that survived were taken into slavery. The few that were lucky to have been in the right place at the right time managed to escape this life, and spent the next ten years fighting to keep their race alive, finding each other, rescuing each other.


They were a beautiful race, their women, young, slender with flowing red hair, appearing to have gold strands flowing through it. The men, strong and lean with cunning eyes, they were most certainly a beauty to behold, and would be the envy of many. But, despite their beauty, they stayed hidden, for they were not a violent race, they were mainly scholars, teachers, students.


Much of their history had disappeared under the sands, under the ruins of their homeland, but a few texts still existed, the majority were in one persons’ or rather one phoenix’s hands and that was the one named Ruby.


She wasn’t the most obvious of people, and would easily blend into the background, she had adapted herself to lead a life of democracy. Being of a dead or rather extinct race, she had no ties, but was well aware of the outcomes of such a massacre, that she had the empathy to deal with the toughest of races.


It was where she found herself at that moment in time. They were an odd race, not really a threat to humans, as they were a very peaceful one, but they certainly had the temper of a dragon, which ironically was a certain ancestor of theirs, or so they boasted. She had been asked to attend a meal for the majority of senators to discuss their ideas on boundaries and laws against the humans, there were a few members who called themselves hunters who had put fear into them all, an entire family massacred, for just being who they were.


There were a few among the council who thoughts themselves better than the others, as many do, it depended how much they had in their pocket, or who they had at gun point. Anyone who stood in their way knew about it. And Ruby most certainly knew about it. She had obviously objected to the wrong thing due to the morality of a situation, and from that point was put on the hit list.


She had escaped several times, many of the assassination attempts deemed accidents or unexplainable to the human race, but to those with a keen eye, they could spot the influence behind. The majority of her days she now spent in the library hiding and trying to keep out of the limelight until the dust could be settled. She had no was not the facility to make a truce or a bargain, so for now, all she could do was wait. 


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

- Nelson Mandela


† Row upon row of bookcases filled with knowledge and imagination cast forward like an ocean before him. Crimson hues flick between each of the perfect isles marked in a logical manner for all subject matter to be easily found. The soft musty scent of books mixed with vanilla scented cold air blowing softly throughout the building via air ducts caused platinum silver hair strands to brush across pristine alabaster flesh. He had traced his mark to here, the University of Chicago and more specifically to their den of knowledge. Alexei was refreshed from his travels being undisturbed and his escort through customs going smoothly. It seemed Father Michael had pushed this to tier one ranking and Alexei was able to enter unhindered.


† Each row of books caught his attention reminding him of the Vatican’s own private library he was often found in. He found himself walking and perusing the isles claiming to use it as cover when in actuality it was his lover for knowledge that brought him to selected isles. Fingertips brush against spines his aura pulsating from his form and the affects seen almost instantly. Any person caught within its felt sensations akin to relaxation, joy and confidence in their studies. The library began to feel alive with each moment he spent walking through shelves and desks until sanguine hues rolled to the right of his peripheral vision casting sight to the crimson haired beauty he was after.  Soft graceful but silent steps brought him closer towards her until his body finds itself sitting gracefully and elegantly with one knee over the other.


† His gentle expression mixed with platinum silver hair and sanguine hues was almost a juxtaposition to the situation at hand. With a single digit tapping the smooth surface of a desk alerting the female fully to her predicament. He spoke softly soon after filling the room with a Russian accent melded with a harmonious vocal range. “You’ve caused yourself quite a predicament Miss.” He let the words hang as wrist twisted and fingers curled around the book she might have her nose buried in and closes it before gently placing it upon the table.“I’m going to need you to listen to me and listen to me closely if you value your life. If you don’t well I am sure you can understand the predicament you place me in, if you don’t.” Leaning back into the chair his eyes consistently shifted to watch the people around them in case assassination or spying became a primary directive for anyone.“My name is Alexei Karchikov and I work for the Vatican church. I have been sent to remove the hunt for your head and build a truce or should that fail assassinate the enemy.”


† The words hung in the air for a moment before falling silent as someone brought themselves a little too close to the desk in which they sat on, hands taking up her book he idly begins flicking through the pages or at least it could be assumed so. “So how is it you managed to piss off the only reptilian kin elder family to the point where they offer a reward for your head. Until now nothing indicates you have anything against them or anyone save for the fact you’re an endangered species.” He was trying to piece it all together as he sat with her, hushed tones as he broke conversation on occasion to add in questions as if they were studying for an exam or assignment.


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A wave of uneasiness hit her, she could feel the presence of another supernatural within the vicinity, her amber eyes looking around herself to try and locate them, but the presence obviously came from behind her. She didn’t want to make it look obvious that she could sense them, so she remained enthralled within the book, it was a classic, of human literature.


It was then the male came up beside her and sat opposite. Her amber eyes glancing over to him from atop the book. She perhaps wanted to completely ignore him, then it wouldn’t be obvious, but then he attempted to get her attention when his finger tapped on the desk and he spoke. An accent she had most certainly not heard much of, so he must have come from out of town.


As he took the book from her fingers and closed it, her natural instinct was to flee, and her eyes moved to the exit to find it clear, but he spoke again. Listen if she were to value her life? Who was this man, who did he think he was? Her answer was soon given as he introduced himself to her, and this caused her to raise an eyebrow.


“how do you build a truce with an abnoxious race who still live in the middle ages?”


Was her reply back to him, just as softly as he was talking with her, before noticing the other whom had moved close to them. She took up a pen and looked down to the sheet of paper, as if she were about to make notes, but instead, replaced the lid on the top of the pen and placed it on the table between them.


“You are right… I have nothing against them… They are a proud race who believe that it is their way or no way…..”


She sighed softly and looked directly into his eyes, her amber meeting his red before looking back to the paper.


“There are a group of humans that have noticed not everyone is how they seem….. They happened to go after an entire family of the reptilian kin, just for being what they are. He wished to take one of every race that we could muster and go after these humans to show that we are not to be pushed nor messed with. I disagreed with this, saying that we didn’t want attention drawn to ourselves…. He believed I disrespected the dead by not avenging them. I have to think about the moral needs of the people, not those whom have been hurt and he didn’t like this… being of an insignificant race with barely any of us left… we are no longer respected as we used to be….”


She responded just as softly to help him know what he was dealing with, jotting a few scribbles down as if they were studying, helping to keep that casual appearance going. 


“All war represents a failure of diplomacy”
- Tony Benn

† The unease of the female before him radiated from her like a beacon until a counter wave of pressure, his virtue washed upon her skin like gentle waves of warmth. Peaceful in sensation it would make the being more away of her stresses and begin to ease such worries, perhaps this is the true power of an Angel, able to coax information through the gentle caress of warmth and peace. He too took notice of the people flowing about them in an endless rotation of slack pants and sweats causing graceful movements of his right hand to bring out a bible within his coat and to open it upon a page from the new testament idly reading it quietly.


† Contemplation warped his visage aging him but a little as he contemplated the information she was offering to him. His eyes however scanned from atop the bible as he noticed two individuals conversing and casting their vision towards them maybe in sheer confusion of a male dressed in what could be considered a priest’s cassock and coat with a beautiful platinum and onyx cross hanging from his neck.  He however kept his vision upon them lest they have nefarious motives as he speaks in reply to her first question.  “Have you perhaps offered truce in a manner that is appealing to them?”


† He leaned back a little and flicked a page idly with his finger as he began to whisper each line from memory taking note of the subtle changes in text from this bible and the last one he had and unfortunately lost on his trip to Singapore. Once more contemplation riddled his facial features before movement to the left of them caught his attention and a lone male dressed to fit in but slightly awkward in the mannerism that he doesn’t fit in with the rest of them. “Most ancient races and old families are proud ruby. Even my lords church is riddled with proud families you just have to learn to deal with them.”  He then slowly closed the bible and placed it back into his coats breast pocket before his hand extends towards her. “I will explain those hunters to you soon but for now we have impolite company and we shall need to leave either to shake them loose or I shall be forced to apply measures far beyond intelligent conversation here among many civilians.” His head cocks slightly to the left in subtly to warn her of the follower.


† He then took her hand, leaned forward and kissed her knuckles and began laughing as if she’d said a joke that was rather hilarious in nature, the jovial state embedding itself on his face causing his aura to expand out a little bit more around them. “Come darling, let us grab a coffee…” He speaks almost high pitched, playing the happy boyfriend or friend as he stands upon his feet.“Lead the way… Please” His words were jovial and full of jest but beneath those swirling pools of sanguine a note of urgency and seriousness lays.


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 As soon as the male sat down, she felt a sense of peace and clarity, though of course, in the back of her mind there was still the question as to how he knew about the situation, and how he found her, but he himself seemed supernatural too.


She took a deep breath and doodled aimlessly on the page before her, it was the only way to put her mind at ease, otherwise she would be twiddling her thumbs, and it was rude to pick up the book again in front of him and completely ignore him.


“I have nothing to offer… I have no skills… and they believe they have far greater knowledge than I do…  I have little money and no objects of value…”


She replied softly to him, it was true, despite being one of a few among her race, this meant she was certainly poorer than the rest, and not having lavish houses or holiday homes. She had a small apartment and worked several jobs to be able to survive in this modern world.


Her eyes brow raised very slightly as he looked back to the bible, of course, she had read it, but certainly didn’t believe in its teachings, but, as he had his beliefs, she also had hers and would never disrespect those who held different beliefs.


“I thought I could deal with them… I have dealt with Griffins, wolves… but these reptilians are a completely different species and stubborn.”


She looked to him upon the movement he suddenly made, putting the bible back in his coat, before he spoke again. She leant in, when he mentioned about the hunters, he obviously knew of them, so she was intrigued, however, his next words made her tense. Her head turned to the side as he nodded in that general direction and she saw the male waiting for them there. It was just a quick glance, and she did one to the other side as well just to not look suspicious.


As he took her hand and laughed, she smiled to play along and nodded . “mmm a coffee is a good idea…..” And she moved to grab her bag, and take the book that he placed down upon the table back in her bag to be continued when she wasn’t fighting for her life.


With that she got up and walked out of the library quite quickly, but not at a fast tempered speed so it was obvious, just quick enough to try and lose a follower.


“They have never found me before in the library… how did they today?”


She asked softly, more to herself than to him, but awaited his further instructions, she guessed he had done this quite a few times from experience.


The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.
- John 10:10

† Long legs carried him in pace with her own, swift as it were he slowly pulled upon her hand to make the movements more languid, casual as it were as she guided him throughout the library. He slowly cast his eyes about feeling the male following albeit further behind than expected through his heightened senses. Upon reaching the door he opened it for Ruby and turned toward the left as he passes the exit and on to campus central grounds. Taking a soft breath, he looked towards her with a stern visage.“I’ll elaborate soon but I am sure you’ve contemplated who I am and why I am here. I work for the Vatican, yes I work for the Roman Catholic Church.” He let the words hang in the air for a brief moment as he guided her into a building lined with classrooms in which he entered the closest one with a blank RFID master card and presses into the room, refusing to turn the lights on. “I can also tell you’ve contemplated what I am, in easiest of terms I am an angel. Halo, wings, Gods little worker bees…” He shoved her into a dark spot within the room and pressed himself up against a wall, hidden from view nearest the door.


† He waited, quietly as a single digit is raised against his lips as the presence of the hunter rolled on closer, checking room by room via the window pane seated at the top third of the door. Waiting for an opportune moment Alexei twisted the handle and opened the door while another hand gripped the hunters throat and brought him into the room. Shutting the door with his foot he shoved the male up against a wall and proceeded to bring the male into a suffocating lock and applied pressure to the Larynx in a form of choking the male out. He waited until the body went limp before twisting the male’s cranium harshly towards the right, dislocating and shattering spinal joints. Such a primitive but effective method of killing before he turned towards Ruby. “My job is to contain supernatural crime upon the human masses to keep both parties safe and in the event I am too late, clean up the mess…” He stopped speaking for a moment to drag the lifeless body of the hunter to the back of the room and place him in a chair, making it look as if he had fallen asleep in class.“Or on the rare occasion such as this one stop two supernatural entities from going to war.”


† Letting the knowledge of his reasoning and how he knew of the female’s predicament to be digested properly he took to checking the hunter over finding weapons of various types from blade, poison and projectile. Taking them he also removed a cell phone and switched it off before proceeding to crush the device beneath his heel. Taking out his own cellular device he called the help of local professionals to scrub the person’s life from existence before returning towards her. “You might not have physical means of bargaining for your life but you possess mental traits, you are a wealth of knowledge. Have you tried offering them your knowledge to expand their power over their domain? A new way to track or hunt, gauge their wealth and make better stock choices. All examples that would make them feel like killing you is a worse off option.”


† Taking his master RFID card he snaps it between his fingers into four equal parts and heads towards the door, eyes over her as he remembers her mumblings. “They knew where you were just never bothered you until now. A hunter learns its prey’s habits first… It’s how I knew where to find you.” He replies calmly as he brushes his coat of any refuse. “We need to leave now, do you have any possessions that you need to gather from your home?”


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She did indeed lead him through the library, out of the lower entrance rather than the higher to be out of the place quicker. She noted that he still had her hand within her own, and it made her feel, well slightly uncomfortable, but she understood why, and so moved with him. As they reached the door, her instinct was to open it herself, however, he beat her to it and moved trhough it without a word.


It was then he took over and led her down the campus. She knew this place well, as she had enrolled when she first moved here, so she knew roughly where they were, but how he knew was beyond her.


“What does the Vatican want with the supernatural? I thought they believed in god, jesus and man only.”


Was the only question she asked, the only one that her brain would even contemplate. But upon hearing he was an angel, she nodded.


“I did presume so…. You have a certain… presence about you… but I did not want to confirm…”


She moved into the classroom and stayed with her back to the wall, sliding down it so she was less visible. She looked up to him and nodded as he told her to remain quiet, she was indeed used to running for her life, having done it for the past couple of weeks, so this came distinctly to her, but she could not have predicted what came next.


Being of a calm and compassionate nature, she had never killed anyone. She had always fled from a fight, or if she were attacked, had left them unconscious, but had never killed them. So to see it happen in front of her, by an angel no doubt, was a mind game in itself. She had to look away as he killed the male, before watching him drag him to the other side of the room.


“You’d really think they would go to war over something as simple as this?”


She asked with a sigh, running a hand through her hair as she thought of the possibilities. Her eyes raised to him.


“I have not tried that approach…. With certain kinds… to say that you are more intelligent would be an even bigger insult…. To try and change their ways… or even suggest change…. Some you would not be able to communicate as their shields are so high…”


She looked over to the male sat within the chair, before looking back to him, and then the card that fell at his feet.


“I uh…. It all depends on how long I’ll be gone… if forever than yes… if not …then no…”


She replied softly, moving to the door, before leading him down the campus onto the street, she avoided many peoples eye contact as she went, for now, she felt like she couldn’t trust anyone, apart from him. 


“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.”
-Thomas A. Edison

† ceasing movement his eyes cast towards the female at her statement as if confused and astounded that someone who carried merit in their intellect could say something so obscure and unfounded. A soft raised of a silver eyebrow followed by a comment was all he stated on the matter. “God created many supernatural beings, they made their own as ages past. The Vatican takes pride in making sure that human lives remain safe. Besides if they believed only of the father, son and holy spirit, demons or I would not exist.” Picking up the remnants of the master key he ruined earlier he wedged a piece between tabletop and support cross members, covering it in the occasional old piece of chewing gum. Returning to look about the room he waited for a response unit to clean up the mess, soon there would be no body or scent of there being anyone or thing within this room.

† A softly groan escapes his lips as arms pivoted upright allowing bones and muscle to momentarily elongate in a stretch before returning to his usual stature. His hues settled towards Ruby’s visage as she spoke offering her view. Slowly opening the door after hearing two voices outside speaking Russian. Opening the door to them two men dressed in casual sportswear carried between them a cleaning trolley. “Time for us to go.” He stated as he exited the classroom where the two males began to talk amongst themselves in preparation for cleaning the tainted room. “Have you tried to ask them if they have a problem that your particular skillset might be of use?” He wove through the corridors as if he knew the layout of the university well. “I know the wyvern-kin can be arrogant and steadfast in tradition. That family that was killed was the family born out of an alliance between the tribes. These ancient houses survived only because of that treaty and view it as the biggest strike to their people and culture.” He stopped speaking and pressed up against a wall as he hears footsteps and the scent of a hunter, their trademark more human than human scent easily noticeable on the nose. As the being came close to the corner Alexei was pressed against the Angel shifted striking two quick blows to the male’s throat and colliding the male’s cranium with the concrete walls of the building effectively knocking the male unconscious for a while.

† Throwing the limp body out into the grasslands it looked as if the male had passed out in the midday sun. Making their way to the campus exit he removed a car key from his pants right pocket, pressing a button as a black Maserati Ghibli. Turning over towards the red haired queen of intellect. “Get in.” He stated as he opened the driver’s side door and entered into the luxury sports car. “we will head back to my hotel for the moment.”

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The look of confusion and astoundment meant that she asked a stupid question, and his answer certainly made her kick herself. Of course, if that’s it, he nor she would be here, what was wrong with her?


“I’m sorry… that was a stupid question… I’m not thinking straight….”


Came her answer to him as she ran her hand through her hair, something she always did when she was uneasy, but to some, it could be seen as a movement when she was confident. She made a note to pause and think upon her answers from now on, rather than letting them just come naturally, she was making herself look like a fool, and it was no wonder she got herself into this mess.


Whilst they waited, she briefly took out her phone and put a passkey on it, to be able to communicate to her home, putting a security lockdown on it, especially with her prize possessions stored in her library. This would put her mind slightly at ease, for if she lost that, she lost her purpose in life, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to go after her fountain of knowledge. Once done, she put the phone away, but just before the other two men came in, to which she looked at them with a raised eyebrow, but did not speak, nor question.


As they walked she listened to his words, and pondered on them, it seemed that in her panic, her mind switched from the rational side, to the irrational side, and she didn’t really have time to sit and think on the issue on hand, she just thought of the things she couldn’t do, rather than the things they could do.


She went to speak, but he continued, and explained more on the situation. How is it that he knew this and she didn’t? it didn’t matter, because he suddenly pressed up against the wall. She of course followed suit, and the scent hit her. Instictively, she looked around them, she knew hunters worked in pairs normally, so made sure the other, if at all was not in range.


She blinked as he attacked the male, cringing as his head was bashed against the wall, but remained silent, just because she was not of a violent nature, did not mean that anyone else was not. It was kill or be killed, she understood that, but in this instance, she didn’t know what she would have done.


When he pulled out the car key and walked to the car, she stopped and looked at it. A luxury sports car…. For an angel? What was the world coming to.


“An angel with a sports car…..?”


She questioned him as she got into the passenger side. Of course, this didn’t stop her from looking around, she had never been this close to one.


“I was thinking on what you said… perhaps if I can research into their history… this would help them explore their origins…. Give them a closer look to their ancestors?”


She spoke softly, she knew several species interlocked now and again, for example, long ago, she knew that the phoenix race and the dragon race lived in harmony, both being of fire origins, and both helping each other, dragons protecting, and phoenix healing.


“I have a vast collection of books back at my place that tell about my homeland, the one we shared with the wyvern kin oh so long ago….” 


“Evolution is fascinating to watch. To me it is the most interesting when one can observe the evolution of a single man.”
Shana Alexander

† To be perplexed by trivial matters showed a true sign of curiosity, one that as the quip “curiosity killed the cat” implied often would get them in to trouble, however for Alexei he shared the same intrigue in all things.  He stopped moving for the most part letting her take in the luxury that came with the Maserati Ghibli’s price tag. Her question brought a soft laugh that rippled with the breeze, permeating around their forms joyously before he ceased to speak every so calmly to her. “It would look odd for me to look like a professor in theology if I drove something more mundane wouldn’t it?” His eyebrow raised slightly as if for her to question his logic. In truth professors were some of the highest paid professionals in the world and often wore their wealth on their sleeve either by the tailored suits they wore or in Alexei’s case the car in which he drove.

† Sliding his hand over the smooth gloss black panels the door popped open, it’s shaven handles confusing for the most part. Stepping into the car he waited for her to enter after explaining that they would head back to his hotel. Once both were seated in the vehicle he presses the start button and closes the doors. A loud rumble vibrates through the interior of the car as 410 Horsepower invigorates the metal around them. Sliding the car into reverse he shifted effortlessly within gears, the loud purr of a twin turbo V6 rushes up to 80 miles per hour. Their destination was his hotel The Langham, one of Chicago’s best five star hotels. It seemed that for the Iscariot no expense was left. Leaning back into the smooth leather seats he spoke calmly towards her. “Your idea of offering your knowledge is a good start but their origin is not a wise idea. What do primal races always keep at the forefront of their mind? Their history and their pride, you cannot tell them something they do not already know…” His voice trailed off for the moment as he contemplated something. It was in this moment that if Ruby took notice that a small veil of frosted white film brushed over his quite noticeable sanguine hues. A top such an odd thought, the glimmer of what possibly for the smallest fraction of a second could be described as a halo was visible.

† Shaking his head slightly, he continued the drive, completely coherent in his actions, he continues to speak. “Unless of course we can barter your mind in helping finding the creatures who killed the family and bring them to justice. Their kind of justice.” He replied calmly. As an angel Alexei was of course a paradox for he followed his own rules but kept himself pure. He acted in a way that was cunning and manipulative but in a manner that worked best for all parties involved. “What do you think?” He asked as he turned violently down into a side street to his right then down to his left and into a garage in which the door was open. Pressing a button, the door quickly shut and engine turned off he let his finger press against his lips to signify silence.  If she chose to follow suit she could hear a car rumble through and a male cursing, voice broken through the wall and garage door. “Fucker! Broken… Nose!... Get…Him!” When the sounds could be heard leading away he exited the vehicle, and headed towards the door which would lead to a musty, dirty church front. “We can cross the road soon into my hotel, from there we shall plan.”

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Her eyes moved over the car as it sat there in the parking lot, and it appeared it was not just her that was intrigued, no many students paused to have a look at the super car in front them. ruby was almost too afraid to touch it, as she didn't want to cause any damage, especially if they were to follow and try and run them off the road.... She took a breath and calmed herself, her mind was running away with her again, she needed to keep a calm mind. And that is what she convinced herself to do. 

she gave a soft smile as she lifted the handle to the door. to many it would have been a puzzle, but with her keen eyesight, she would be able to see every contour on the car as if it was glaringly obvious and had neon signs pointing to it. 

She slipped herself into the leather interior of the car, allowing herself to be embraced by the seat, and strapped herself in. A few of the women passing seemed to glare at her, for being able to ride in this thing, which caused her to smile, she could most certainly be vain sometimes. Her eyes watched as the doors slid into place smoothly with little noise, and then car started. the vibrations went straight through her. It was amazing. 

As they set off and he spoke, she looked at him, brushing a few loose golden strands from her hair to allow herself to see freely. As he spoke, her pupils seemed to dilate, almost feline like as she concentrated on his words. Due to this, it enabled her to see the finest of detail change within his face, she noted the brief change in his eyes and noted the halo. 

"Perhaps.... If I were to attend the crime scene... my eyes would pick up a lot more than forensics.... I would be able to deduct which species... and match the aura.....?" 

She spoke softly, she was very good at deducting the facts from the fiction, and her eyes were trained to spot what no one else would. She allowed her mind to work overdrive as to whether she had enough on her to be able to pick anything up and jot down any notes, but then her thoughts were disrupted when he turned sharply down the side street, her hand automatically coming up to rest on the top of the car to prevent her from moving to the left violently. 

She looked at him questioningly, knowing full well something must have happened to make him make such irrational movements, so she therefore turned to look behind them but she did not see much. She was glad she turned back to the front when she did as she found herself sprawled to the side again and into the garage. 

she watched as the door closed and then looked to him, about to say something but he motioned for silence. She waited and turned her head towards the door as she heard the muffled cries. So they were being followed. 

she followed suit getting out of the car, and closed the door behind her, following him through the door. 

"That sounds good to me... how long were they following us?"


“It's a hell of a thing killing a man... You take away all he's got, and all he's ever gonna' have.”
- Clint Eastwood, Unforgiven

† Her statement fell on deaf ears as he pushed through the solid yet worn door that breached the gap between garage and supply room. A soft hand extended through the dust filled haze to grab her by her shirt and drag her into the room and with a soft groan the door closed behind them with a click.  In this moment of time the angel’s appearance broke the mould of beauty and tranquillity giving birth to the dark souled creature of destruction and unrelenting wrath. Was this what it felt like to stare into the eyes of Caine when he killed Able? And later when God set his wrath upon the world for their insubordination? It was this fixed moment of time that Ruby could tell that there were things at stake and in play she had no understanding of, how mild Alexei really is compared to the dangerous war mongering psychopath he could be. His eyes shifted from their beautiful yet albeit unnerving sanguine to etched black the colour of coagulated blood, darkened only by the haze of dust that spiralled around them in the musty, cramped storage room.

† Taking a breath he calmed himself for a moment before pushing passed her and into the hallway behind the church’s prayer room. The scent of age old dust, decaying wood and old books filled his nostrils with each breath he took. Turning slightly, he watched ever his shoulder as his voice broke barely a whisper.“about a block after we left the university campus. But no one should have been able to detail and follow this car… unless there is a mole in my network.” Turning around from her his darkened hues surveyed the room they were now in. Now in the main hall of the church with pews covered in white sheets blanketed with thick brown dust, red carpet ruined by stains and years of undisturbed dust. To his left sat an altar, a new marble fixture with gold inlays of catholic iconography and behind it cleaning the stained glass window risen above so coloured light would bathe the alter was a priest. “Father Johnson” He called softly, bending his left knee to kneel before the priest, hands out stretched to take the startled priest’s hand and press a kiss to the knuckles. “Yes, my child?” Johnson replied with a shocked expression on his face which shifted to a smile as he noticed Ruby in the corner.

† Raising to his feet, Alexei pushed back his platinum white hair, eyes shifting towards Ruby in silent nodding for her to greet the man with respect. “I do hope you don’t mind our intrusion but we have had to park my car in the rear garage. I hope you don’t mi—" With a wave of his slightly slender hand the father silenced the angel and spoke softly “It is fine; I understand you were being chased. You know you can always find sanction in the church of our father.” Nodding his head slowly, his eyes turned towards the alter and a smile formed at his lips. “I am glad to see that we could help save this holy cathedral from ruin and with you leading the sheep as their Holy Shepard, Father Johnson you will do marvellous things for this city.” Stopping in brief thought he turned to look at the pews for a moment and walked silently down the Isles until he stops fourth from the front on the left hand side and pulls the cleaner white sheet from the pews revealing a cache. “How long?” He asked to the father as his hand reached forward and pulled out two wide armour proof carry cases. “This morning, when they came to assess the church’s structural integrity, they said you might need more….” It was clear that the priest wasn’t sure which word to choose for clearly those cases held enough weapons and ammunition for a small squad of seven, for one man.“Help…” He finally settled on.

† Turning his attention now back towards Ruby, perhaps now she would realise the sheer depth in which she had sunk herself into by being careless in the way she spoke to people. She had insulted an entire race. For someone so smart she was definitely narrow minded but that was a conversation for later. Looking down at her hands. “Have you ever shot a gun?” He asked as he moved to the front and using a small table beside the alter he sat the cases. “None the matter, take it off safe, point and pull the trigger.” He stated as the two cases unlocked with a loud slap and crack from the clips opening to reveal multiple magazines of silver etched, holy blessed bullets and standard .45mm rounds. In them also sat multiple pistols. Loading one with a single magazine he hands it towards her. “Berretta Ps4 Storm .45caliber.” Taking two more pistols he loaded them and eased them into holsters in the small of his back, locking into place he eased four magazines into various pockets in his coat and pants. He was now armed to the teeth. Turning to back towards the father he smiled.“Thank you father, hopefully when I next see you I expect to see this church in full glory.” Turning back towards Ruby.“Follow me, stay close and keep your head down.”

† Without a word he stepped towards the door, shrugging his coat back into its comfortable position, from the position behind him it was clearly seen now; the angel’s halo and the iridescent outline of wings sprawled out wide. A powerful image to behold and one that not many wanted to see heading towards him, for now he was out for vengeance and these hunters will be purified from existence and the mole if there is one will be sentenced to eternal damnation. Stepping to the side his left hand flicked open and the door swung open creating a cacophony of city life to spew forth into the once quiet church. Turning to look over his shoulder he waited for Ruby to follow before making his way across the street, hands in his pocket and his disposition once more turned towards calm. “Forgive my lack of calm back there.” He stated softly towards her as they entered the foyer of his hotel. Taking a moment to scan the room for any planted hunters, he nodded when he noticed it was clear and as such made his way to the elevator. Waiting for Ruby to step into the elevator before him, he steps into the closed quarters and stood in a protective stance in front of her, pressing the up button until it got to his floor. The second highest floor with one of the larger apartments in it, he stepped out and swiped his access card across the door lock and smiled as his door swung open. Stepping inside he waits for Ruby to follow and then shuts the door behind him.

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† The room was open plan with large living area’s almost three hundred and sixty degree views of the city and modern contemporary furniture. Up against the wall to the right was a large business desk for people who wanted to have meetings in private. Upon it sat fresh intel and more care packages and armaments. “Now, we have three options...”

“Option one: We head towards your apartment and retrieve any items you wish to take with you and extract you from this city leaving no trace of you here as we scrub your existence clean until we can sort this information out. Now this has its risks, your house is probably under supervision now from multiple hunter squads. Eventually leading to a war with the Draconians” [Accepting option one leads to combat based roleplay with moral choices.]

“Option two: We take you to the crime scene which is under police and Vatican control at the moment and allow you to gain any information you can on who the killer might be and provide them with enough evidence to remove the hit upon you. [Accepting this option leads to moral choice and possible interruption from Draconian influences]”

“And finally there is Option Three: I take you to the Draconians and we together organise a political and most likely uneasy truce between yourself and the Draconians using power I have to leverage your survival. [Accepting this option leads to political roleplay with the possibility of combat]

So which do you choose?”
He asked calmly, seating himself down upon one of the two seater couches, a mineral water in his hand and one on the table before her. “You’ve got yourself into a right mess.”

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She remained quiet as she moved through  the doors following him, she would have gone by choice, but his hand flowing through the gap in the door to pull her through made her move that little bit quicker. She looked to him as they stood in said cupboard. Her eyes moved over his frame, and she saw the darkness within him. It was unnerving to say the least, but at the same time, it was intriguing. For one to be classified as an angel, the stereo type was the white robe and halo with the blond flowing hair, but this, this was far from it, and was the true form of an angel, or rather an angree angel. 

It was upon him moving out of the room that she followed, and listened to his words. So close to the university? Having a mole in any network was never a good sign, least of all, one in the holy church that he was from, corruption planted by a single evil seed. She remained silent on the matter, so she could focus on the other matters at hand, and watch with intrigue as he knelt before the priest. She suddenly looked down to what she was wearing and covered up a little, doing up her jacket to cover her cleavage and revealed mid rift. She nodded to the preist when he looked to her and moved closer, but still left a wide gap between herself and the two. She was not a religious person, but that didnt mean she didnt respect the religion of others, and she realised she was in a holy place, and would respect it as such. 

As the two moved, she remained silent, but earshot so she would be able to hear the conversation. It appeared that she was in over her head here, perhaps her rash talking of one of the families should have been handled smoother. She sighed upon poundering this, but she knew there was nothing she could do about it now. All she could do now was rectify her actions and make amends with the Draconians. With his help she could and would do so. 

It was when the guns were shown that she moved forward and took the gun from his hand, pointed it to test the aim, before inserting the magazine. "Tis childs play.... The rotary barrel dissipates recoil away from the shooter’s hand and greatly reduces muzzle jump, making it an extremely fast and accurate." with that she put the safety back  on and placed it within the back of her jeans to concel it from a prying eye. "I am well equipped for shooting a gun... It may not look it.But I like that deception." 

As they turned to the door, she paused momentarily, to look at the holy statue within the church, and then to the priest and bowed her head, in respect for him. A priest after all was a high ranking role within the church and deserved the utmost respect. As she heard Alexi's words, her amber eyes moved to him and she nodded, waiting for him to lead them out of the door. From where she was, and due to her watching him intently, she did see the fanit outline of the halo and the shadow of the wings. It was certainly a more welcome sight than what she had previously seen, but at the same time, it was certainly unnerving. 

Having being in the dimmer light of the church as the door opened to reveal the city life, her eyes had to adjust to the light and this caused her to squint, and she rubbed around her her eyes to help them adjust. "There is no need to apologise. Having to deal with my mess... and the fact there may be a mole in your faction.... its not the best thing in the world..." She responded softly, undoing her jacket ever so slightly, to keep her midrift covered, but allow her to be of a more comfortable outfit, and this would be reflected in her movements. She followed his steps into the hotel, and her eyes also browsed over the area, but not before looking at the place he was currently staying. It was not as homely as she owuld have preferred. It was far too modern for her liking, but then again, she was not the one calling the shots here. He was. She moved into the elevator with him and moved to the side to stand beside him, but he moved to a very protective stance in front, so she moved back to be behind him, and watched as he used his card to open the doors when they got to their stop in the hotel. 

She stepped within the place, and her eyes instantly looked around at her surroundings. It was very modern, she wasn't sure if she felt comfortable at all, but then again, the views of the city were impressive. She walked towards the table upon which he sat himself, and she listened to his words, her eyes scanning over the documents in front of them. 

"I am not one to run.... so the first is not an option. I hate political matters and do not believe that your power will be a good thing when trying to do a truce with the draconians.... it should be done on neutral grounds if at all. I accept the second option... I have a very keen eye for those things that normal humans miss...." And with that she moved the file upon the table, putting out the pictures of the crime scene upon the table in front of her, in chronological order of the photos, along with the picture of the fallen draconian family and the evidence. 

She looked to him as she spoke and sighed, removing her jacket and placing it upon one of the chairs. "Tell me something I don't know..." She responded softly, and then, with a flash of bright white fire, she transformed into the magnificient phoenix of legend. She was merely the size of a large eagle at this moment in time, and had shrunk her wingspan to accomodate the size of the room. Her amber eyes had a hue of gold and silver, which added to the intelligent features one would expect. The many colours upon her wings and feathers made her alomost glow with an angelic spirit, the golds and reds revealing that a fire bird would be a sight indeed to behold, but she did not let this light ignite, as it would be a horrific fire hazard, and that was the last thing she needed, more attention.

Instead she flew up into the lamp shade above the table, which conveniently had a bar long enough and far from the ceiling for her to perch from to have a look at the evidence from her own perspective, and not one of a normal human. Each picture was analised within a mili second as was the evidence beside it. She remained like this for little over 10 minutes, before flying back down and transforming back into her human self, re-arranging the pictures into a certain order. "Something is missing.... When did these photos come through...? When were they taken?" She muttered to herself before looking to him. "Though.... If we are going to the vatican.... I need some better clothes.... " She didnt want to be all boobs and skin around the vatican, as she knew this was a sacred area. 


“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it”
Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do


                † Leaning over the soft worked leather of a three-person chase lounge he slowly removed his coat from his white shirt revealing to her a small armament that ran down a specific holster down his spine and a thin armoured choker wound around the inside collar of his neck hidden behind the tie he wore. For someone kept in the hands of the most holy city on earth to keep the peace between all creatures on this beautiful planet he was equipped well enough for a one-man war. Shrugging his left shoulder until a sudden pop permeated from it signalling that it had found its way into its original position. Such a sickening sound should bring a visible distaste in the form of a grimace upon a person’s countenance as they formed an empathetic response of pain but nothing phased the angelic being that Ruby found in her charge. Moving slowly over to the refrigerator in order to remove two bottles of light sparkling water from the door.

                † Returning to the large conference table he passed on her right hand side placing a bottle of water in front of her as she busied herself without speaking to him. Seating himself at the end of the table with languid movements, feet raising to sit upon the hard wooden surface of the table, he broke the bottles seal allowing him to sip at the contents. Sighing softly in pleasure at such a minute ordinary occurrence as carbonated water, he allowed a moment of grace to shake through his body in a relaxing matter. There was no point in being so stressed for the moment when for the most part they were ahead of the hunter’s party. His attention, caught by her statement to herself caused an eyebrow to raise slightly and him contemplating if Ruby were like Sedah and had multiple voices in their head.

                † Momentary brilliant light caused his hand to cover those sanguine hues, almost as if staring into the flame produced by magnesium for a few seconds he blinked away the remaining light burns, darkened spots in his vision. Instead of the red haired woman standing at the end of the table there was now a brilliant bird of mythology. Taking in each of her defined details from the shifting sands of silver and gold within amber of her iris’ and the spectrum of colour that watered down the underside of those wings of flame. While not ignited he could see the heat, it’s particular sway and shifting images visible with the light in the room, something he would release a small chuckle from the lower of his diaphragm before falling silent to let the mystical creature do as she needed without intrusion.

                † As time carried on, it’s constant tick ever present in his mind as he realised that while ‘time is of the essence’ for those around him, it was of no consequence to him for he was destined to eternally walk the lands. Sipping at his drink occasionally to keep himself hydrated, a trait he had developed while surrounding himself around humanity. It never changed, he was always different to them and never the same. They had a due date and he had no expire date. His attention was torn from his thoughts and his subsequent staring at the clock as it ticked away when she transformed into her more recognisable humanoid form.  When she began to speak his feet removed themselves from the table and placed themselves upon the ground allowing him to stand. Moving gracefully over towards her, his grace once more returned to his movements as he went to look at the re arranged images. “These are from the Croatian police. I called for them myself and they were sent to your local police department…”

                † Taking a look at the photos before him, rearranged in their new order it read like a completely new story. A soft smile twisted at his thin lips revealing two rows of enamel the colour of pearl before it fell away as he spoke. “We will deal with the Vatican later; the Mole is not top priority at the moment. It seems we are packing for Croatia.” Setting his eyes back on her own, sanguine hues looking deeper into her. “But yes, you will need new clothes and a new passport. We will be here two more days. So for now, is there anything you need to do?”

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As he removed his coat, she could not help but cast her gaze over to him for a mere moment. The small armament upon his person intrigued her. For an angel, or rather a man of god, he was certainly a juggernaught, but she guessed with his profession and dealing with the supernatural as he did, he would need to be equipped as much as he could. 

Her attention was then drawn to the files in front of her, she took in every little detail from the angle the blood flowed, to the shape the bodies were in to the piercing of the body. She nodded in thanks once she recognised the bottle of water that was placed in front of her. 

She took a large swig of the water, after opening it with the satisfying hiss of the pressured carbon escaping into the atmosphere. She allowed the water to hydrate her body momentarily as she closed the lid and readied her body for the tranformation, stretching her back, and stretching out her arms before she transformed. 

Once back from her transformation, a chill ripped through her body causing an involuntary shiver. She clicked her neck and it made a very satisfying pop as the cartilage popped into place and released the air between them. 

She groaned ever so softly as her hands moved over the documents, She traced her fingers over the photos, She grabbed a pen and circled certain areas, of misplaced dirt or a random shadow or just a dark space and compared it to the next where it was either missing or in a different space. The pictures had been tampered with. 

"These pictures... only a few are consistant.... we have other pieces missing from this one...." She pointed to the circle she had drawn, "But it appears in this one..." Pointing to the next photo. There were a few of these and it certainly proved that she had an eye for these things. 

Her amber gaze then moved to him as he moved to her side to look at what she had done. 

"The local PD would not tamper with this in the slightest, I know many of the people there. The croatians however.... There is something that is not right." 

She paused and moved to the side to write down all within her head, but as she did, it came out in a text that was not of human nature, it was her phoenix language, which she understood easily, and would make it so much easier for the case. His words however startled her. 

"Packing for Croatia?" She smiled and nodded, but pondered on the next question. 

"Going to my apartment would be a definite no, as you say, there would be people watching ti, so I guess I will have to go without my books, but it is more outfits that I do not have... I was not expecting to be hounded as I have, so I have worn an everyday outfit and not one for travelling, nor one for running around. " 

She looked back to the notes. "I will study this case... take in all the notes from the reporting office, This way I can get their view... and see for myself what is missing if anything...." 


“The Only interesting answers are those that destroy the questions”
- Susan Sontag


† Sanguine hues settle upon her person as she speaks almost questioning on his statement, reaffirming she had heard correctly. He could tell by the small smile upon her lips that she would enjoy travelling. To him travel was a part of his every day, there was not much left on this earth that he hadn’t seen since his time upon the earth. He guessed for some the wonders of the natural world still remained. Taking out his mobile phone he opens a text dialogue and sends a singular word ‘Umbra’ before waiting for a confirmation message. Turning his attention back towards her slowly a small smile would pull at his thin pink lips. “Yes we’re packing for Croatia, I’ll have passports, supporting documents and clothes brought to you. I am just waiting on a text…”

† His attention was turned when his phone buzzed three times, three individual messages appearing on his screen, it appeared his contact had accepted the code and would appear within the hour to bring clothes and gain the necessary photos and other information to create realistic forgeries of all documentation she would need. No longer replying to the message he took his phone into both hands and crushed it between them effortlessly as a soft hiss escapes the twisted metal while sparks ignite for a moment or two. “We are completely rogue from now on. I will not have the backing of the church for the rest of this mission. Do you understand?”

† Turning back away from her for a moment he once more returned his coat and pulled it over his shoulders, arms sliding through the sleeves with ease. Taking his bottle of water with him he returned to the couches where he resided with a soft slump. From Ruby’s view the calm and calculated angel of god looked more at peace with himself in chaos than when every motion was going as smoothly as it should. It was in this space that he looked young, youthful and not hunched by the weight of which his job had brought him. If she didn’t know better he’d have passed for a senior at university studying the arts with eyes and hair as wild as his own.

† Sighing softly, he relaxed into the couch, head tilted back and water passing his slightly parted lips. He was exhausted from jet lag, lack of sleep and the stresses of the mission and it had just begun. Closing his eyes, he would fall into the slightest of slumber leaving her to study the information she had discovered about the tampered images. Soft breathes would escape his lips until the sound of footfalls awoke him. Leaning across the table he took one of the pistols in front of him, switching it from safety. A soft knock would echo through the room as Alexei rose from his seat and moved towards the door. A voice permeates through the door. “Umbra.” Causing a smile to escape his lips and return the pistol to safety.

† Opening the door slowly Alexei was greeted with the form of a colleague he had met during his time of helping Lucian, the father of wolves. The male’s ink black hair was messily kept but his stance radiated power. His physique was imposing as he stood a solid five maybe six inches taller than Alexei but was twice as wide. Muscular and defined, it was clear this male wasn’t an ordinary gym goer. “You’ve got balls kid…” Came his voice as he pushed past Alexei, clutched in his hands were multiple duffel bags of new clothes for any occasion that may arise. All were in Ruby’s sizes and fresh lingerie were included. “Asking me for favours after the last time we met is ballsy. If I didn’t owe you a favour, I’d have your head.” The male had yet to introduce himself but his presence brought a change about Alexei. He was more assure and confident of himself. A smile sprawled across both the male’s lips before they embraced each other into a rather strong embrace. “Oh shut up Zaine, you’ve known I was in town the moment I came to this city.” Turning his sanguine eyes over the lycanthrope he teased. “Still smell like a dog though. At least you’re clean now.” His hands threw up as he joked with the man. If Ruby paid attention she’d notice the amber iris’ and extended upper and lower canines of Zaine.

† Zaine embraced the man before somewhat playfully smacking Alexei on the shoulder before his attention was caught by the female in the other room. Standing up straight he returned to a more business like personality. “All her clothes are there. I managed to hack the Vatican using Artemis and get her photos. I’ll have them sent to you but why are you going off book. You’ve only gone off reservation once and look what happened then.” Zaine didn’t bring up the past much, but when he did he had reason. Alexei was a holy weapon with no equal upon this earth, for him to turn off reservation must mean something. Alexei sighed, sipping his water quietly before he spoke. “I think there is a mole in my network. Need to stay clear of it until I figure it out.” He stated flatly, sanguine hues settled on the wolves on. “How’s Intra Tenebrae? Doing well I hope. Still affiliated with W.O.L.F?”



† Zaine’s right hand pushed locks of ink black hair away from his face as he studied the female quietly. He only nodded in response to Alexei’s questions. He removed his coat revealing both logos emblazoned upon his shoulders before silently closing his coat. “If you need us, you know where to find us. Just make sure the hornet’s nest you’re about to kick is the right one Alexei.” He brought a smirk to his face as he swiped at the Angel’s water and took a sip. “Because you’re in for one hell of a fight if there is a mole. I hope for their sake there isn’t a mole. I’ve seen the after effects of what you do…” A shudder involuntarily escapes the hulking mass. What had Alexei done in their previous meetings that brought a lycanthrope to respect him and even subtly fear his powers.

† Pushing away from the bench Alexei would take his drink back with a soft tsk. “She doesn’t need to know of those events Zaine. I suggest you keep them to yourself…” He fell quiet for a moment as he sipped at the remainder of his water, looking towards Ruby. “Ruby, these bags are for you. Perhaps you will find something more comfortable and less revealing to wear.” He then swept his hand to the large male beside him. “Zaine Nyte, Ruby. Ruby meet Zaine. He is the CEO of national private security firm Intra Tenebrae. In less glorified words this man runs the world’s biggest private military.”

† Watching the way Alexei would introduce the two of them Zaine shook his head slightly, right hand out stretching a little in offering to the female should she come and greet him. “Just call me Zaine. I’m here to make sure you two can get to wherever you are going quickly and safely.” He turned his attention back to Alexei before returning back to her. “But if you forgive me, I have business to attend too. I have a Ugandan president wanting a military force to quieten down the rebels. Rebels I currently fund because frankly he’s a despicable human.”


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Ruby listened to his words as he spoke. She had never been to croatia, then again, she had never made it out of the united states. A slight glow of amusement radiated from her eyes as she looked back down to the notes in front of her. It was then a question sparked in her brain, but before she had chance to ask it, he spoke again, and she watched him destroy his phone. It was then she took her own out and switched it off, leaving it upon the table. She would feel naked without it, but she understood why she had to leave it behind. 

"I understand yes... " 

She then went back to her notes, allowing herself to look over her shoulder momentarily to see him sat there contentedly. "I have a question..... can you read... .ancient texts... such as my text... the phoenix texts?" She asked curiously, if he could, that would make life so much easier, just incase any notes would fall into the wrong hands. There were few outside of the phoenix race that could understand their wording after all. 

As he sat there, she could tell he was falling into slumber, by the softness of his breathing, and so remained quiet, the only movement she made was to get another water out of the fridge, so she could sip it, whilst making detailed concise notes on the case, jot down what was missing, what she thought could be the case. She also used her initiative and wrote a document in the human language, but this one, would be one to fool whoever may come across the document if things went sour. 

She got up to stretch and walked to the window to look at the scenery below when the knock on the door caught her eye. Her hand moved to the pistol she had within her jeans, and remained by the wall, hidden slightly from view if they were to be attacked. She watched his reaction as the voice spoke and allowed herself to relax, seeing him switch his own pistol back onto safety, it was obviously a friend. 

As the male walked in, her eyes glanced over him, taking in all the features, including those of.. non human characteristics. She tilted her head and put up a guard ever so slightly. In the stories of the ancients, her people had a rocky relationship with the wolves. many had become drunk on the blood of a phoenix, entire clans wipe out in a single full mooned night. 

She moved closer to the two, from where she was standing to lean upon the wall and merely listen to the conversation between the two. Upon Alexei talking to her, her amber eyes moved to the bags and she nodded with a soft smile. Upon the two being introduced, a look of recognition would cross her eyes momentarily. 

"Ah yes I have heard of you... the name has come up before on the scanners, we could never work out what it meant." 

She gave him a soft smile and shook his hand in greeting before taking the bags into the other room, allowing the two to deal with any business they may or may not have to deal with. She knew better than to deal with anyone elses work, it did not always go down well after all. 

She rummaged through the bags, and moved to the bathroom to get changed, chosing a tight figthing long sleeved black top along with black jeans. She certainly had gone for a complete cover up, her black jacket only added to the look, and one could say she was going for an almost biker looking appearance, but she was just going in what feels comfortable.