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Truth & Honor
Truth & Honor Sep 26 '17
In need of some characters to be roleplayed. 

TV Series + Film Series

Rain Petrelli (Name can be changed) - Heroes NC - LI for Noah Gray - FC: Emeraude Toubia

Sasha Walker - Heroes Reborn NC - LI for Evan Collins - FC: To be discussed but either Maiara Walsh/Shelley Hennig/TBD


Seth Gecko - From Dusk Till Dawn Canon - LI for Shelby

Richard Gecko 'Richie' - From Dusk Till Dawn Canon - Brother of Seth. 

Kate Fuller - From Dusk Till Dawn Canon - Younger Sister for Shelby

Specs - Insidious Canon - LI for Nova 

Brandon Russell - The Good Witch Canon - LI for Phoebe

Rebecca Sharman - Damien NC - Ask for details 

David  - Underworld Film Series  - LI for Alexandria Corvinus TAKEN

Dorothy Jade Stone - Harry Potter (Original Tenure) - FC: Adria Arjona - LI for Elias Alderidge

Unnamed - Harry Potter 2nd Generation - LI for Aidan Smith - Fc: Sarah Ramos

Albus Potter - Harry Potter 2nd Generation - LI for Nina Smith - FC: Nat Wolffe OFFER RECEIVED

Prince Alexander 'Alex' - Original Character - LI for Ensley Gilbertson - FC: Andrew J. West (as Henry Mills)

Hazel - Original Character - LI for Finn Anderson - FC: Sophie Lowe OFFER RECEIVED

Book Series (I only ask that people have read the books or at least one to have the jest of the storyline)

Edon Marrok - Blue Bloods Book Series by Melissa de la Cruz - LI for Alice - FC: Bradley James

Bailey Beauchamp / Bailey Hazard-Perry - Blue Blood / Witches of East End Book Series - LI for Chase - FC: Willa Fitzgerald 

Mary Seward - Kate Cary Novels (Dracula Sequel) - LI for Quincey  Image: Imogen Poots 

John Shaw - Kate Cary Novels (Dracula Sequel) - Half Brother of Quincey. Image up for discussion but leaning towards Chace Crawford.

+ others

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Truth & Honor
Truth & Honor Oct 16 '17
# A few newer characters have been added 
Dangerous Liaisons
Dangerous Liaisons Oct 22 '17
Mary Seward is right up my street!

Truth & Honor
Truth & Honor Oct 22 '17
Great, have you read the books =]
Truth & Honor
Truth & Honor Oct 22 '17
Of course not =] if you wouldn't mind, that would be great =]