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Beαυтιғυlly Broĸeɴ
Hey guys, I am in need of a few love interests for my characters. If anyone could do any of them it would be greatly appreciated. And I will do someone in return. 

Unnamed Male: Love interest for Tessa Claybourne

This male would work with Tessa in the bluebird cafe, and eventually they would become more than friends. He would be a singer/songwriter and would help her to overcome her stage fright and help her turn her poems into songs. 

Face Claim: Sam Palladio 

Callum Jones: Best Friend & Future Lover of Jessica Pine

Like Jessica, Callum has a huge interest in becoming a broadway star. They grew up together but lost contact when he had to move to another state. Callum is the godfather of her son Corey. They were reunited again after her dads were killed for being gay, and he was the one who had helped her through the ordeal. Eventually, they end up staring in the musicals of their dreams. 

Face claim: Jonathan Groff

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Beαυтιғυlly Broĸeɴ

Quote from 'Shoot Out The Lights. I could do devons love interest :)?

That would be wonderful, thank you xD

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Quote from kαlєídσscσpíc skíєs Hey!
I'd be happy to do the Unnamed Female for Aidan Lynch and Luke Mitchell for you? ^^
I would love you forever if you could :D
Beαυтιғυlly Broĸeɴ
Beαυтιғυlly Broĸeɴ
He is yes xD
Beαυтιғυlly Broĸeɴ
Anyone willing to help me out with these? Pretty please, with a cherry on top? I'll even throw in some cute puppies and an all expenses paid trip to the bahamas? :D 
i could do lindsay for you for danny  if you want sweet XD
Beαυтιғυlly Broĸeɴ
Yes please :D
i shall add her now for you then :D i was hoping to return the favor for you :)