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Character Requests.

I am looking for the following characters to be roleplayed as love interests and i will be willing to do characters in return :D

Jean Luc Picard

I am looking for him for Kathryn Janeway, because i have always shipped them together, i ask that you have a little knowledge of who he is and what star trek is, i wont ask that you like me have watched everything star trek, but a little knowledge is needed.

William Riker
This is for Deanna Troi they are a canon couple and did get married in the show, as with the previous some knowledge of star trek and the character is needed. 

Hannibal Lecter (tv series)

this is for will graham its weird its wacky and i love it and i ship it

David (Underworld Films)

David is wanted for Selene, even though i ship her with Michael, i also ship her with David because they are rather adorable together and he did so much to help her.

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up dated heres hoping people comment :)
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updated :D
oooh really? thank you :D
thank you for the offer Ricky Jason M MCraken but i have someone now that one is closed :)
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yeah i would be up for duscussing thomas and deanna :)
blog up dated :)
oooh yes please i would love if you could :) and we have to plot then for claire and eve :P