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Fabled Enigma
Fabled Enigma May 5 '17

Thistle post is specifically based on the characters I am in need of for various ones of my own. The first half are love interests and the second are family members and/or friends as such. 

If anyone is interested, or want to know more about original characters first, don't be afraid to add, I'll be happy to tell.



Love Interests

Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin

For: Alice Hart

To Be Discussed

Mick Rawson (Criminal Minds Canon)

For: Olivia Gibbs

Storyline to be discussed.

John Kennex (Almost Human Canon)

For: Darcey Stahl

Storyline to be discussed.


Pinocchio/ August W. Booth (OUAT Canon)

For: Nissa Warren / Tana

Fathered Autumn Jessica Booth - already created

Charles 'Charlie' Flint (OUAT NC)

For: Muirenn Jones

Met before the original curse. 

Jason 'Jace' Rackham (OUAT NC)

For: Kyra Jones

First mate onboard the same ship that Kyra is apart of the crew. 

Albert, King consort / Albert Elliot (OUAT NC)

For: Queen Lara / Olivia Miller

The youngest son of a King in a neighbouring kingdom to what was once King Xavier’s Kingdom.


Manfred Bernardo (Midnight Texas Canon)

For: Sienna Porter

Manfred is a psychic.

Kaleb (Grimm NC)

For: Skye Lark

He is Skye's best friend that eventually transfers to her love interest. Human or Wesen

Chester Yorke (Lost Girl NC) 

For: Aspen Ryker

* Name can be changed. He can be either human or a Fae. 

FC: Tom Mison

John Henry 'Doc' Holliday (Wynonna Earp Canon)

For: Wynonna Earp


Alvin Murphy (Z Nation Canon)

For: Aubrey Thompson

Also known as Murphy or The Murphy. Father of Lucy and Mackenzie Murphy

Orla Penelope Scarlet/ Queen Orla (OUAT NC)

For: Alfie Parker / King Alphonso

Orla was born and raised in Wonderland. She was the daughter of Anastasia and Will Scarlet, otherwise known as the White Queen and White King. When she was around ten, her mother passed away much to the heart break of her father. She has two younger brothers. After her mother's death, Orla had watched as the Kingdom of Wonderland became dark. Eventually as a young woman, Orla married Alfie Parker who had become King Alphonso of Hearts in the months before their wedding. The pair had known each other as children before Anastasia's death. Swearing that he would wait for her to accept him as her husband, Alfie left the Kingdom of Hearts with his younger brother to bring security to the rest of Wonderland.


Leoni Barber (Grimm NC)

For: Keir Lark

Can be human with knowledge of Wesen or Wesen. If latter, Steinadler may be more suited. *Image can be discussed

Jessica Fairbairn  (Lost Girl Non-canon)

For: Troy Ryker

A young woman (can be Fae or not), her mother went deaf during her childhood so as a result, Jessica learned sign language. Troy's older brother Paul suggests that Troy learns sign language in order to expand his horizons and so enters Jessica. Troy becomes involved with her, but at the same time tries to keep her at a distance because of him being an Incubus. 

FC: Melissa Benoist /OR/ Haley Lu Richardson


Elena Vasilescu (Hemlock Grove NC)

For: Toby Harper

Can be witch, werewolf or human as Toby is an upir. Either the cousin or sister of Andreas

Auburn Taylor (Original/Greek Gods)

For: Zagreus / Owen 

Mortal with a Nymph grandmother or great-grandmother. She is drawn to Zagreus' art studio. Straight away, Zagreus is attracted to her and her to him. 

FC: Would prefer Katie Leclerc for this character as well but will also accept Victoria Justice


Chloe Penelope Baum

For: Eric Winchester

Chloe is a niece (great-great niece or something) of Dorothy Baum. Also a descendant of L. Frank Baum. Like Dorothy and L. Frank, Chloe's family continues to hunt and are latent members of the Men of Letters. Chloe, however does not wish to continue the tradition. She moves away from her family and settled in Complitales, Kansas where her best friend from college; Isobella resides with her twin brother; Eric and his daughter; Lily Rose. Eventually, Eric agrees to a blind date set up by Isobella after she saw chemistry between Chloe and Eric. 

Family + Friends

Mick Rory (DC's Legends of Tomorrow / The Flash)

For: Nate Heywood + Ella Hall

Criminal partner of Leonard Snart. Later, self proclaimed protector of Ella Hall. Member of Rip Hunter's team.


Nicole Richards (Original Character) 

For: Stephanie and Thomas Hannigan

Witch. Represents Nature/Earth in the coven. She is the half-sister of Stephanie Hannigan. Wife of Leo Wolfe. – Ask for more details


Arianna Morgan (Original)

For: Stephanie and Thomas Hannigan

Witch. Represents Air in the coven. – Ask for more details.


Clarissa Morris (Original) 

For: Stephanie and Thomas Hannigan

Witch. Represents Water in the Coven. Her father is the one stalking the girls even after centuries. – Ask for more details


Leo Wolfe (Original) 

For: Stephanie and Thomas Hannigan

Warlock. He represents the spirit aspect of the coven. He is married to Nicole Richards. The older brother and caregiver of his sister Isobel. – Ask for more details


Robert Jefferson Parker / Prince Robb (OUAT NC) 

For: Ellynn, Alfie and Willa.

The Younger brother of Grace Victoria and Alphonso Gerhardt Parker and older brother to Willa Parker. Son of Ellynn and Jefferson. Crowned Prince of Hearts after his brother takes on the role of King.

The Forum post is edited by Fabled Enigma Nov 16 '17

Unnamed (Quantico NC)

Brief Description of Storyline: 

Love Interest for Emerson Harper.

Someone who saved Emerson in her secret past and they meet again in either Quantico or The Farm. He becomes her life line after her brother committed suicide.

I'd be keen?

ᐯᕮᒪOᑕITY May 28 '17
I'd be happy to do John from Almost Human if you'd like?...
ᐯᕮᒪOᑕITY May 28 '17
Sure will do that today.
Bяøκeи Cяøωи
I will be happy to add Shelby for you? :D
'fiercedesires Jun 17 '17
I'll be more then willing to make Orla for you :)
'fiercedesires Jun 17 '17
I will add her soon :)
Song Of The Ocean
Song Of The Ocean Jun 21 '17
I can do Livia - switch out Melinda for her :P 
Song Of The Ocean
Song Of The Ocean Jun 22 '17
Well you know my *coughs* Obsession *coughs* eh love for the lovely Torrance Coombs XD It's those damn eyes :P 
G H O S T  '
G H O S T ' Jun 27 '17

 I  can do Rylee Walton for you :D

Beαυтιғυlly Broĸeɴ
I can do Kate Styles for you
Bяøκeи Cяøωи
I can do Callum Reynolds and Charlotte Weasley for you, if you're not sick of me yet? XD
Bяøκeи Cяøωи
I'm sure :P
Bяøκeи Cяøωи
Whoo! Shall add them for you tonight :D
I can add Derek Hale if you still need him?
I will add him when I'm next on then!
Beαυтιғυlly Broĸeɴ
I can do Hayley or Natalia for you
Beαυтιғυlly Broĸeɴ
Is Natalia related to Criminal Minds & NCIS? Can you send me the info you have on them both?
elementum Sep 20 '17
Jessica Fairbairn sounds interesting! can I take her on?! 

Id be interested in elliot anderson and jack keller they seem very interesting :P

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