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  • Completely revamping one of my characters .-. so much freaking work omg...
  • I think the admins will do that. Then Santa will know who is naughty and who is nice :P unless I lie c:
  • I have my eye on all of you kids. You better be good...
  • Can we get those `naughty` and `nice` things for our profile the way we had for halloween? :D
  • We all better be on our best behaviour cause santa is on the site....xD
Hey guys Admin Sam here!

So I've received reports of a member being harassed and apparently rumors or suggestions of being stalked physically due to their locations being closeby one another. First of all let me remind you that we are not the police and we can only stop bullying and harassment on our site - but we are a pair of ears, if you feel unsafe or need someone to talk to don't forget that we are here for you to the best of our abilities.

From my own personal experience I urge everyone to keep their personal information away from people you meet online (address, phone number etc) as I too have been the victim of an obsessive online boyfriend who physically stalked me frequently and believe me it was terrifying and I don't wish that on anyone else.

So please let this be a reminder that you may think you know someone online but please please PLEASE be careful who you share your personal information with because there are some sick and strange people out there amongst all communities and we have to protect ourselves. If you do decide to meet any of your friends online make sure you take a friend with you and meet somewhere open and filled with people - like a train station or a restaurant and also make sure you really know this person before you do.

We all love you and don't want you to get hurt.

Be safe.

Admin Sam.

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    Justice&Crime » Jak Wolfkill Your very welcome :D
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    Black Embodiment » Aятємιѕ Haha, whoa I just realized I chewed your ear off down there. Sorry about that. I will give you an image of Derrick and leave XD
  • Black Embodiment
    Black Embodiment » Aятємιѕ Haha nostalgia is good. Glad you're taking a crack at it again. I'd be happy to indulge you XD I'm doing alright. Had a few restless nights due to the temperature suddenly changing. It's stinking hot haha. But then, that always happens over here. Summer punches us in the face to let us know it's arrived haha. Hmm, out of those two I think Kou - The Unruly Fox, would suit better. Jasper - the Rabid Dog, is a man out for revenge, and his life revolves around that. He doesn't often give others the time of day even should they be Gods or Goddesses in their own right. He's only focused on taking down his father. Kou, on the other hand, is a youth mischievous, and very family orientated. He has yet to explore all his powers offer him. He struggles with them, however, due to being a Hybrid. His mother passed on a lot of Demonic genes to him. But Kitsunes are very nature bound, so that's why I think he might suit better. However I do have a character I am hoping to bring back. I developed him years ago, and I am giving him a face-lift to use him again. His name is Derrick, and he was the son of a Shapeshifting Pirate and a Witch. He took up his fathers occupation. However his father was killed many years ago due to consorting with a Witch. It's considered a sin amongst his people. Derrick worked for many years as a deck-hand on Pirate ships, until he was discovered as a child of the craft. He had to end up running for his life, and stole a ship to sail the world alone. Depending on where Artemis is set, I can either have him set in his own homeworld, or I have an idea where he accidentally travels through the portal to another world - hence Earth. He is able to shapeshift into either a Leopard, or he has a Hybrid form where he stands upright like a man, but with the appearance of a Leopard. If he interests ya?
  • Black Embodiment
    Black Embodiment » Carry You Home. Awesome. Yeah go ahead and use Jasmine. Well Kou always has problems with his abilities. He often causes things to explode, or he sets himself on fire. Things like that. He especially gets up to no good in chemistry class with his brother haha XD He technically also has the ability to manipulate plants to his will, such is the power of Kitsunes. However he really struggles with that side of his powers and it seems to be weaker than his fire, so he focuses on his fire wielding abilities instead. We could set it in the college cafeteria or some such thing? I have a very amusing image of Kou running in shouting it wasn't him with flames alight in the hallway? Haha >XD He's always guilty though, so the teachers definitely wouldn't believe his cries xD I haven't yet planned anything for Kou's relationships, he's a free kind of spirit, so that sort of deal might suit someone of his nature, but I suppose we can see where things lead? I'm not against it, just not really gluing him to anything concrete just yet as he's still under development. He would make a game of it though, and would certainly keep Jasmine guessing as to what team he batted for haha.
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    Fay Frost » Jak Wolfkill yeah sometimes keeping things simple can lead to great things x3
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    Jak Wolfkill » Fay Frost OOC: Sounds real simple enough. ;3
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    Fay Frost » Jak Wolfkill teaser making me drool here xD that sounds good,she could be working at the resort and few of the coworkers bully her cause of what she is,maybe he could help her and offer her to work for him or something like that