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  • Don`t you just love when some one makes an other half for you then goes inactive.
  • Am always up for a role play
  • Well that`s a no then
  • Ivy, your best bet is soundcloud as youtube`s Iframe breaks profiles.
  • Roleplay anyone?

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  • s t α r c r σ s s є d
    s t α r c r σ s s є d » тнe norтн reмeмвerѕ It was my pleasure, lovely! I'm glad to hear you are well! I am doing good, thank you for asking. Just trying to fight this horrible cold I have gotten, it's taken its time to go I must say.
  • s t α r c r σ s s є d
    s t α r c r σ s s є d » ᴅesert ᴡolf I know how you feel! I hate having a runny nose, especially when it runs no matter how much you blow it or wipe it. My nose is so sore I probably could pass off as Rudolph or something. >.< I have brought so many boxes of tissues through this it's kind of insane >.> I hated cleaning when I lived with my parents, but when I moved out into my own place I kind of got used to it as the realization of no one else doing it kind of sunk in xD now I clean non-stop :L Reading does take a lot of focus and concentration, I will admit, but everyone has their paces and so on - I've had a dry spell for the past few months, haven't been able to get into any of the books I have in my 'to be read' pile, until I came across the Percy Jackson series, that has brought my reading muse back to be sure - and my roleplay muse for that matter. ;D I would LOVE to roleplay with you! ^^
  • Fallen Angel
  • s t α r c r σ s s є d
    s t α r c r σ s s є d » Hayden Jameson That would have a lot to do with his wanting to go bad, I believe. Her looking so different to how she truly is, he will be very confused at that. I can see him growing more fascinated with her as time progresses, he could maybe even want to 'study' her in a way?
  • тнe norтн reмeмвerѕ
    тнe norтн reмeмвerѕ » s t α r c r σ s s є d Hello there! :D you are very welcome, thank you for accepting me hun. I'm looking for new friends to do fresh storylines with, I am well thank you love, and you? <3
  • s t α r c r σ s s є d
    s t α r c r σ s s є d » -'Scιєηтια Hey there! It was my pleasure, thank you for sending the friend request through. It is appreciated. :3 Certainly, is there anyone you think would work with your character? I will get reading about him now and will see if I can think up a good pairing.
  • Will Halstead
    Will Halstead » Connor Rhodes How's it goin buddy?
  • Will Halstead
    Will Halstead » 'L e x i e. I look forward to it xD
  • s t α r c r σ s s є d
    s t α r c r σ s s є d » FOREVERyoung Hey there! It was a pleasure, thank you for sending the friend request, it's appreciated. :3 I am well, thank you for asking and how are you?
  • s t α r c r σ s s є d
    s t α r c r σ s s є d » Truth & Honor It seems to have worked though, kind of, feeling a little better today. xD Okay so the characters that caught my eye were; Saige Ives, Ryan Wilson, Harrison Griffin and Ainsleigh Lockwood? c:



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