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  • anyone want to RP
  • //Anybody want to rp with the Grinch? Let me know, thanks.//
    Feb 14
  • Hey everyone
    Feb 9
  • Thank you
    Feb 8
  • sorted :D
    Feb 8


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  • The Underdog
    The Underdog » Sanguis Fratres. Actually, I think he would go quite well with Lucian. I can already think of a few scenarios if you'd like to discuss storylines?
  • Sanguis Fratres.
    Sanguis Fratres. » The Underdog There's a character I'm working on called Pelle Segers who I think could be interesting with Lucian. He's actually a member of 'The Militia,' which is a group who experiment on supernatural beings and humans with the intent of building a powerful army. However, he isn't with them because he shares that vision. Pelle came from a wealthy Dutch-American family, and began exhibiting signs of telepathy at a young age. It got worse as he got older, with Pelle being constantly overwhelmed by the voices in his head. He was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia and placed in a mental institution, where he spent most of his teenage years. His parents eventually reached out to the Mongomery's, who took Pelle in and helped him to control his abilities, in exchange for payment. Pelle's parents have since left him in their care, not realising (and not caring to investigate) what the Militia is truly about. Since staying there, he is able to focus his abilities, and he sometimes uses them when commanded to during interrogations. He lives on the Montgomery state, and is still adjusting to the freedom he has outside of the institution. There's a lot of social experiences that he's missed out on. He's quite an inquisitive and friendly, but also a bit socially awkward. While there was a time where hearing people's thoughts made him paranoid, now it's made him more trusting of others...even those who don't have his best interests at heart. He's still gaining a sense of what he has to offer the world. What'd you think? :3
  • The Underdog
    The Underdog » Sanguis Fratres. Wonderful! I have been anxious to get to use Lucian for the first time, so that would be perfect. :) I think for Lucian, a male character would be the best fit. What did you have in mind?
  • Mr Grinch
    Mr Grinch and Lᴏʀᴅ Cᴜᴛʟᴇʀ Bᴇᴄᴋᴇᴛᴛ ♔ now in relationship "Other accounts"
  • Mr Grinch
    Mr Grinch » Mr Grinch —————————————————————
  • Mr Grinch
    Mr Grinch » FOREVERyoung ♔ //Hello, Ive sent my starter through DM and beware it's quite long. Hope that's alright.//
  • matt
    Will Byers
    X I I I
    Do a structured rp, a set story, with our charas working around this
    4 votes
    Will Byers
    X I I I
    Group rp (be it groups... forum etc) - (comment ideas)
    3 votes
    Feb 16
    0 7 1
  • FOREVERyoung ♔
    FOREVERyoung ♔ » Mr Grinch Ah okay. Fire away then :) And no worries, take as long as you need.
  • Mr Grinch
    Mr Grinch » FOREVERyoung ♔ //Of course :) and if you'd like, however I don't mind sending one as I've already got one written out XD But I have work in a bit so I will send mine a bit later after work -- if that's ok?//