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  • We need more Harry Potter roleplayers? :o
  • needing more roleplays for this account! any "the crown" roleplayers out there? :o
  • thanks :D
  • Congratulations Ivy. :).
  • Finally a male character on my profile,I feel so proud xD

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Niкоlαs Abαddоɴ Fαlleɴ
No stealing or taking control of my characters. Th... more
Ricky Jason M McCracken
(Genre; Chicago Franchise/Law and Order Franchise ... more
Ricky Jason M McCracken Yesterday, 11:19
15: Hidden in the Shadows; FULL NAME; River Fernf... more
'Crownless Hearts.
Name: Oliver River Harkness Gender: Male Sexuali... more
'Crownless Hearts. Yesterday, 09:53


  • The Curious Fae
    The Curious Fae » Chosen_Ones Hello, hello ^^ It has been a while~ I have been better, been worse. So, I suppose I'm not doing too bad. How have you been?
  • Michael 'Alpha' Arcᾴngel
  • NightWanderer
    NightWanderer » Nomuro Lucis Caelum I'm sure that it will be great. Thanks so much. :)
  • Retired Ex JEDI Master/Major Tim O'Rourke SGO
    Retired Ex JEDI Master/Major Tim O'Rourke SGO » Emily Scarlett The Potion Would Wear Off as Now During Your Forced Slumber Moved into a Bigger cell,And Must Have Happened During it Because Now would Be in slave clothing and no bed just the dirt floor with a window as Outside the Sounds of Cheering,Applauding while in neighboring cells next to Yours and across Held More people in slave clothing...............Some with scars,wounds and Walking around Breathing Deeply,On an ADRENALIN Rush Saying Out Loud the Next FIGHT is Theirs,Men and women in the cells Arguing Back/Forth with Each Other Saying THEY WILL BE SOKAR'S NEW CHAMPION..........THEY WILL CUT DOWN THE SERPENT.......And Minutes Later guards Came and Picked by Pointing at a Chosen and That Person Acted PROUD Ready to Do Battle as the Witch Now Looking Young Took the Blade Sliced their arms to Let Blood Run Before the guards Brought Them to Face the Mentioned Serpent as SHE Walked Over Looking at YOU Witch : Child,I Don't CARE What MY Master Needs YOU For as FIRST You Belong to ME...............And slave you tomorrow begin training to FIGHT.............My Scorpion,And HE Isn't as Big as the SERPENT.............Merely the Size of Half-Grown bear...........But Soon EVENTUALLY Your Time if Survive will Come to Face the SERPENT :D.................SHE Walked Away Laughing...................MY First,And ONLY Thing Right Now was to Save YOU.......I SO Wanted to Save Those in the pit......I Couldn't as Manpower was just Me,So Again I Slipped Further into the Compound Again MENTALLY Calling Out Your Name,And like Before You MENTALLY if Could Call Back to Me..............It was another Part of the Compound like the ROMAN Arena of OLD Filled with Cheering Sokar followers Watching a 60 Ft. Long Towering 30 Ft. Overgrown KING COBRA (The SERPENT) as those Taken from the cells with spears and whatever weapons Handy Fought it,And as like in an Arena on a THRONE Sat Sokar ENJOYING Taking JOY in This as More Fought the arena was Littered with bodies Swallowed and Spit Out Decomposing into Nothing,Except ONE Standing with sword and shield..............Taken by Force and the Current Champion a TRUE Living Breathing AMAZON Warrior Woman with Not a Mark on HER and the SERPENT Just Couldn't BEST Her
  • Sanguis Fratres.
    Sanguis Fratres. » Lʏᴄᴀɴᴛʜʀᴏᴘᴇ I like tension and pressure too...you can probably tell by my characters' bios. None of them have had happy lives. xD I think that'd be a good common goal for Rowan and Zaine. It'd give them a reason to work together and get to know each other. On the other hand, I think it'd take Rowan a little while to accept Zaine's approach to. She'd know that the super soldiers are a problem, but she wouldn't jump at the idea of killing them. She'd also wouldn't appreciate being seen as one of their creators, even though she is, because she tries to put that part of her life behind her. So, now that we have an opening idea... Would you like to jump straight into things and see how things go, or to discuss the storyline further? In regards to starters, I could set things up with Rowan, and then you could continue with Zaine hunting her down? :3
  • Niкоlαs Abαddоɴ Fαlleɴ
    Niкоlαs Abαddоɴ Fαlleɴ created a new blog post
    My Characters, OOC, Rules and etc.
    No stealing or taking control of my characters. They are my own original creation. Except for Rumple, Michael and Sean. Only the names that I created....
  • Retired Ex JEDI Master/Major Tim O'Rourke SGO
    Retired Ex JEDI Master/Major Tim O'Rourke SGO » --Life's a show-- Fasha Wasn't at All Listening to Anyone but Growing More Powerful by the Second as the Dark Aura Also Grew as SHE Waved Her Hands Sending Roman into a rock wall Knocking Him Unconcious,Spoke a Word Never Heard Igniting in Her Right Hand a fireball Hurling at and Hitting Turning Willow into dust,SHE Then Turned to US Asking in an ECHOING Demonic Voice "WHO'S NEXT ? "...........Cade Had Succeeded Before DYING Transferring His Powers to Her as Suddenly the Aura Turned FIRE-Red Engulfing Her Becoming One with it...............1 Week Passed and Katherine still Suffering from AMNESIA Was Released from the Hospital and Taken to and Now Called till Anyone Came to Claim knowing Her a shelter Where SHE Since then like a Scared animal Hid Out of Sight Sitting on a cot Watching others around Her.......For Once as a little boy Offered to Be Nice and be a friend.......SHE Took it..................Klaus Even Now as Freya Hadn't Changed WISHED Marcel was Here...........HE Was Hoping for HELP.............Cammy No Longer around Would Help..........Hayley as Being Close to Freya as a Sister-In-Law..............His Baby Sister was Before His Eyes Becoming DISTANT..........This was Breaking Klaus's Heart
  • Beauty & Rage
    Beauty & Rage changed their avatar
  • Retired Ex JEDI Master/Major Tim O'Rourke SGO
    Retired Ex JEDI Master/Major Tim O'Rourke SGO » FOREVERyoung Hours Later Hope was Cleaned Up and Getting Dirty again but This Time Dressed and Tending to Her Garden as Each Plant SHE Tended to Carefully and One at a Time Talked to them as if a person,But When SHE Got to Rebekah the WHITE ROSE Took a bit More CARE,And When Done SHE in a Voice of BEAUTY Sang to them the Lullaby YOU Sang to Her When SHE was Little........And Alone Looking into the Night Sky WISHED on the Moon SECRET Wishes those a little girl even Grown Up Makes Lying on the lawn of the Back Courtyard.......Hope Loved the Life SHE Was Living,And ME and YOU............But as SHE was Told Growing Up about WHO Our Father was One Wish Always SHE Made...............In 2 Parts.......1 For as How SHE Was Raised Hope Felt SAD and FORGIVING toward Her Father James..............And 2 If HE Now was Dead and Passed on.......Hope WISHED He Now Walked in the LIGHT Absolved of His Wrongdoings